Top 100 New Flash Games

Dead Samurai 2 Sword Duel Game

Samurai Fighters
Improved combat system with individual character fighting styles. Super combos and new bonus rounds offer weapon upgrades.

Big Time Fishing Free Fishing Game

Big Time Fishing
Catch as many fish as you can to make money and buy new fishing rods, reels, lures and bait. Over 45 different types of fish.

Gun Cars 2 Free Driving Game

Gun Cars 2
Drive cars, shoot weapons and launch specials. Race around nine tracks to crash, smash, and blast your way to victory.

Droid Assault Free Action Game

Droid Assault
Robot battle arena. Shoot combatant droids and stay alive by avoiding enemy fire. Collect scrap metal for new weapons.

Alien Anarchy Free Action Game

Alien Anarchy
Earth might be the wrong planet to crash land a spaceship on. Create weapon mods by combining loot and survive.

Medieval Rampage Free Shooting Game

Medieval Rampage
Launch barrages of arrows at approaching enemies. Collect money to purchase new bows and equip special arrows.

Electric Connection Free Puzzle Game

Electric Connection
Create a complete electrical circuit connection between the positive and negative terminals by rearranging the tiles.

Tesla Defense 2 Free Action Game

Tesla Defense 2
Place different types of tesla coils to defend against waves of enemies. Upgrade tower effectiveness between rounds.

Viaduct Designer Free Puzzle Game

Viaduct Designer
Fill in the missing section of the railroad track by constructing a sturdy train bridge. Drive across to pass each level.

Tank Blitz Zero Free Action Game

Tank Blitz Zero
Destroy the enemy base by taking out tanks, turrets with three types of ammuntion. Upgrade the tank at checkpoints.

Zombie Situation Free Action Game

Zombie Situation
Take back the town of Gren Rock from zombie invasion. Keep the undead from getting too close with various weapons.

Last Mars Tower Free Action Game

Last Mars Tower
Upgrade the defense turret and recycler helpers with scrap metal collected. Keep enemies at bay with the Mars cannon.

Fire Fighting Free Action Game

Fire Fighting Rescue
Manage a fire station as commanding officer. Complete fire fighting and rescue operations in the fastest time possible.

Mad Trucker 2 Free Driving Game

Mad Trucker 2
Successfully drive 100 miles in the fewest number of days. Unlock achievements and upgrade the truck after attempts.

Cronus Free Arcade Game

Remake of the classic Asteroids game with updated graphical elements. Upgrade three weapon groups with powerups.

Wolverine Tokyo Fury Free Game

Wolverine: Tokyo Fury
Use Wolverines claws to scale buildings and brawl with the sword wielding bad guys. Tokyo Fury side scrolling game.

Crazy Vacation Free Adventure Game

Crazy Vacation
Crazy Dad's relaxing vacation is in jeopordy. The restaurant across the street has installed a giant blinking neon sign.

Avengers Global Chaos Free Game

Avengers: Global Chaos
Switch between four super heroes from the Avengers movie to utilize their unique special abilities and pass each level.

Lunar Escape Free Adventure Game

Lunar Escape
Find your way out of the lunar escape module by unlocking the doors. Complete each level by solving various puzzles.

RoadZ Free Action Game

Keep hope alive as survivors of an explosion that has turned the town into zombies. Search for supplies and resources.

Warlords Call to Arms Free Action Game

Warlords: Call to Arms
Conquer territories by winning battles. Upgrade the alliance and send soldier units into the opposition end zone.

American Racing Free Driving Game

American Racing
Build up the boost meter by drafting behind other cars. Compete in an entire season of stock car racing challenges.

Quantum Patrol Free Platform Game

Quantum Patrol
Join a global peace initiative by helping navigate the quantum bot to infiltrate and hack a weapon manufacturing facility.

Road of Fury Free Driving Game

Road of Fury
Safely transport a convoy of three weaponized vehicles across the desert landscape. Mad Max themed driving game.

Mad Arrow Free Action Game

Mad Arrow
Deploy soldiers and archers in strategic places to effectively defend your pile of gold from the barbarian invaders.

Super Bikes Track Motorcycle Racing Game

Super Bikes Track Stars
Race against 20 other super bikes in this 3D motorcycle racing game. Earn cash to buy upgrades. Includes eight tracks.

Alienocalypse Free Action Game

Unlock and upgrade an alien fleet to manage a strategic campaign. Invade earth by placing alien units as egg pods.

Super Mario World 2 Free Platform Game

Super Mario World 2
Play through the classic Super Mario World game in this fan made Flash tribute with familiar characters including Yoshi.

Escape Dark Manor Free Adventure Game

Escape Dark Manor
Find your way out of the dilapidated house by finding keys and uncovering clues to puzzles. Point and click escape.

Urban Unrest Free Action Game

Urban Unrest
Combine various parts of weapons to create the ultimate battle bot. Use inertia and momentum to strike enemy robots.

Zombie Cure Free Action Game

Zombie Cure
Cure the zombie patients by mixing the correct anti-serum cocktail specifically tailored to treat their chemical imbalance.

Ancient Planet Free Action Game

Ancient Planet
A fully featured 3D tower defense game with multiple levels of upgradable defense gun turrets and base fortifications.

Super Mario Star Scramble Free Platform Game

Super Mario - Star Scramble
Complete all ten levels by retrieving the golden amulets. Start with five lives and gain a life by collecting 100 coins.

Mechanical Commando 2 Free Action Game

Mechanical Commando 2
Action shooter game with missions on various planets. Enter the hanger to purchase armor and weapon upgrades.

Run Ninja Run 2 Free Platform Game

Run Ninja Run 2
Jump over obstacles, slide under obstacles, and attack the remaining obstacles that are in your way. Collect gold bars.

N Game 2 Free Platform Game

N Game 2.0
Complete each set of 5 levels before the time runs out. Collect gold to increase the time bar. Avoid enemy projectiles.

World Soccer 3 Free Sports Game

World Soccer 3
Choose a team and play increasingly difficult teams in World Soccer 3. Challenge the computer in tournament play.

Motor Beast Free Driving Game

Motor Beast
Blaze across the landscape in an upgraded classic car to reach the garage in one piece. Perform stunts, collect coins.

Anime Fighting Jam Free Fighting Game

Anime Fighting Jam
A 2D anime fighting game reminiscent of classic japanese arcade games. Fully featured characters with lots of moves.

Ninja Rampage Free Platform Game

Ninja Rampage
Complete your ninja training by eliminating enemies without being detected using stealth, patience, traps, and a sword.

Soda Dungeon Lite RPG Fighting Game

Soda Dungeon Lite
Attract new adventures into the tavern by upgrading the extablishment. Hire and equip the patrons for dungeon battles.

Steamheart Free Platform Game

Keep the powerful golden cog from falling into the wrong hands. Defeat the multitudes of 16-bit enemies and bosses.

Fleeing the Complex Free Adventure Game

Fleeing the Complex
Make decisions by using Henry's super stickman abilities to escape the prison, and possibly defy the laws of physics.

Infiltrating the Airship Free Adventure Game

Infiltrating the Airship
Take down the Top Hat Gang by jumping onto their airship from a helicopter. Make the correct choices to stay alive.

Relic RPG Free Adventure Game

Relic RPG Game
As hired mercenaries, help recover an ancient relic that was stolen by a group of bandits in this RPG adventure game.

Flash Trek Free Action Game

Flash Trek Broken Mirror
Explore the Star Trek universe to interact and trade, influence stellar politics, build space stations and fleets of ships.

Zombie Train Free Survival Game

Zombie Train
Survive the zombie invasion on a moving train. Repair barricades, upgrade weapons, and prepare for the next wave.

Free Rider 2 Free Sports Game

Free Rider 2
Draw your own custom track to drive a number of different vehicles over to collect goals and perform stunts and tricks.

Zombie TD Uprise Free Defense Game

Zombie Tower Defense Uprise
Place the proper ground and air defense towers as well as sensor towers to protect the brains from hungry zombies.

Tactical Assassin 2 Free Shooting Game

Tactical Assassin 2
Become a hired assassin. Earn cash by completing successful missions to buy weapon upgrades and equipment.

Storm Ops 4 Free Shooting Game

Storm Ops 4
Defend the base from armed intruders. Military style shooting and upgrades. Purchase weapons between rounds.

Barons Gate 2 Free Platform Game

Barons Gate 2
Complete all 20 levels in this well made platform adventure game. RPG, shooting, and puzzle elements are combined.

Last Legacy Null Space Free Platform Game

Last Legacy 2 - Null Space
Travel through the wormholes into alternate dimensions. Upgrade weapons, equipment, use delta energy to navigate.

Shop Empire Fable Free Simulation Game

Shop Empire Fable
Build and operate a successful shopping mall simulation by constructiong shops, adding food outlets, and hiring staff.

Ships vs Monsters Free Action Game

Ships vs. Monsters
Line up your battle ships against the opponents sea monsters in this real time strategy tower defense upgrade game.

Ragnarok Unalign Free Adventure Game

Ragnarok Unalign
An in-depth platform adventure game. Complete six missions after reaching the town with a little help from your friends.

Forgotten Dungeon 2 Free RPG Adventure Game

Forgotten Dungeon 2
Choose between a sorcerer, archer, and warrior in this Diablo style RPG game. Build experience by defeating enemies.

Mesiria Chp 2 Free RPG Adventure Game

Mesiria Chp 2
Embark on a quest as a brave adventurer. Explore the land and help the townsfolk. Build up equipment and battle skills.

3d Logic 2 Free Puzzle Platform Game

3D Logic 2
Connect the same colored squares by clicking on a color and dragging the mouse around the cube. Link pairs.

Folds Free Origami Puzzle Platform Game

Fold the paper into the required shape shown by the dotted lines. Achieve accurate origami to complete the level.

Whats In The Box Free Puzzle Platform Game

Whats In The Box
Each level in this game is mini-puzzle which provides a graphical clue to solving it and opening the box.

Ultimate Tactics Free Strategy Game

Ultimate Tactics
Save the land with your team of warriors in this turn based tactics game. Upgrade items and equipment at the shop.

Blackstorm 2 Free Arcade Game

Blackstorm 2
Absorb the green plasma energy deposited by enemy ships to fill the main power generator and complete each wave.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Free RPG Fighting Game

Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Embark on a journey to recover the sacred Greenwood Jewel. Win battles to level up weapons, skills, and equipment.

Paladin Free RPG Adventure Game

Join the God of Strength and train in the ways of the light to embark on a sacred journey to eliminate evil in the world.

Sinjid Warrior Free RPG Game

Sinjid: Shadow of a Warrior
Train Sinjad as a balanced fighter, warrior, spellcaster, or ninja. Build up weapons, armor, relics, and skills to defeat your enemies.

Kigyouden Free Platform Game

Wickebine Kigyouden
Side scrolling battle. Upgrade and customize your character to battle monsters in this RPG platform fighting game.

The Enchanted Cave 2 Free Adventure Game

The Enchanted Cave 2
Explore a mysterious cave filled with monsters and treasure. Random cave system offers hours of fun.

Unreal Flash 3 Free Shooting Game

Unreal Flash 3
Choose your team and enter battle in a deathmatch style shooting mayhem. Many different weapons and abilities.

Ace Gangster Free Platform Game

Ace Gangster
Welcome to MadAlley City. Steal cars, take jobs, and earn as much money as you can before getting busted by the cops.


Free Game Of The Month

Wheel of Bingo

Wheel of Bingo Free Tabletop Game

Developer: Moltiple
Game Overview: The Wheel of Bingo has two parts. Part 1: Spin the wheel to match bingo numbers. Part 2: Launch balls in a plinko wall game to match colors for points. Play

Dead Samurai Free Game

Dead Samurai
Battle against nine dangerous samurai to perfect your sword fighting skills. Eight stances and over 40 attacks to create combos.

Visible 2 Free Arcade Game

Visible 2
Combine platforms and traps from upper and lower parts of the game to plan the appropriate route through the level.

Forbidden Arms Free Fighting Game

Forbidden Arms
Harness the power of a destructive sword by upgrading the abilities of the samurai and unlocking new fighting skills.

Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Free Shooting Game

Endless Zombie Rampage 2
Rescue survivors, shoot zombies, and keep the barricade stocked full of supplies. Stay alive for as long as possible.

Daymare Cat Free Adventure Game

Daymare Cat
Lead the character through a hand-drawn interactive world in this platform adventure game. Find the appropriate items.

Treasure Reef Free Pirate Ship Game

Treasure of Cutlass Reef
Sail into the wind to exchange barrages of cannon fire with enemy pirate vessels. Plunder destroyed ships for gold.

Night Flies Free Puzzle Game

Night Flies
Provide an open path for the light seeking bugs to pick up and place circular lanterns into sockets by moving objects.

Cardinal Quest Free Adventure Game

Cardinal Quest
Traverse each floor of the randomly generated mine to defeat the minotaur. Level up, find weapons, items and spells.

Shadow of the Ninja Free Platform Game

Shadow of the Ninja
Collect gemstones and rescue prisoners by using the advanced stealth ninja techniques of cloaking and teleportation.

Mad Trucker Free Driving Game

Mad Trucker
Earn an excellent safety record by navigating the 18 wheeler down the highway. Pick up gas and food along the way.

Being One Free Adventure Game

Being One
Become immersed inside a strange bio-tech laboratory experiment. Find clues and solve puzzles to open the exit door.

Galaxy Evo Free Arcade Game

Galaxy Evo
Return the once peaceful planet of Evonesia back to its harmonious roots by extinguishing the greed and corruption.

Battlefield Airwolf Free Arcade Game

Battlefield Airwolf
Pilot the helicopter into hostile territory while avoiding a barrage of enemy fire. A fast paced vertical arcade shooter.

Portal Free Platform Game

Portal: Flash Version
Teleport between two positions by placing a blue and yellow portal along the walls. Find the exit to complete each level.

Galagian Free Arcade Game

Classic arcade shooter. Fly and shoot using the mouse. Press spacebar to activate shields. Collect diamonds for points.

Badland Free Platform Game

Explore the scorched wasteland as a bounty hunter in search of a high priced target. Interact and complete missions.

Doctor Who Free Adventure Game

Doctor Who: The Game
Jump into the Targis and time travel to familiar locations based on the Doctor Who television series. Fan made game.

Hidden Dimensions Free Tabletop Game

Hidden Dimensions
A space themed card game. Deploy ships, energy resource structures, and action cards. Eight different energy types.

Age of Defense 4 Free Action Game

Age of Defense 4
Send units down the line to deal damage to the opposition base. Protect your base by throwing boulders, or shooting.

Dark Order Mystery Free Adventure Game

Dark Order Mystery
Scan the game with your mouse to find clues and items needed to uncover the secret meetings of the Dark Order cult.

Icescape Free Action Game

Something has crashed into the arctic research base where you are stationed. Explore the facility and try to keep warm.

Mighty Knight 2 Free Action Game

Mighty Knight 2
Battle to gain XP which is applied to level up characters in your party. Use skill stars to upgrade specific warrior skills.

Tower of Sages Free Action Game

Tower of Sages
Manage and nurture a party of minions. Battle against fellow students to progress each floor inside the tower of sages.

Super Mario Ghost Island Free Platform Game

Mario Bros: Ghost Island
A fun Super Mario clone with good controls made in Flash. Play through a number of ghost themed fan made levels.

Sherlock Has A Clue Free Adventure Game

Sherlock Has A Clue
Help Sherlock solve the case by determining who the murderer is, which weapon was used, and the correct location.

Yellow Free Puzzle Game

Each level in Yellow contains a hidden mechanism for turning the screen yellow, and it is up to the player to find it.

Blade Rush Free Platform Game

Blade Rush
Eliminate all enemies in each level by utilizing stealth ninja techniques such as wall jumping. Attack when within range.

Offroaders 2 Free Driving Game

Offroaders 2
Keep up with the computer controlled offroad trucks by purchasing new vehicles and upgrades. Collect stars for boost.

Submchine 9 Free Adventure Game

Submachine 9: The Temple
The Temple carries the player further into the Submachine universe which answers questions by asking more questions.

High Dive Hero Free Sports Game

High Dive Hero
Score a combined total points in three dives by flipping and performing moves. Each dive is 5m higher for more air time.

Zombotron 2 Free Platform Game

Zombotron 2
A zombie shooting game combined with classic platformer side scrolling action. Meticulously detailed and interactive.

Dead Detective Free Adventure Game

Dead Detective
Investigate zombie related crimes as an undead detective. Combine evidence into possible solutions to the mystery.

Skinny Free Platform Game

Explore a world where robots dream of being human. Find and collect batteries to help restore energy depleted bots.

The Last Villiage Free Action Game

The Last Villiage
Mine resources, build structures, train warriors, grow food, develop weapons to battle intruders and defend the land.

The Gate Keeper Free Adventure Game

The Gate Keeper
Explore the haunted hotel to figure out the motives of the mysterious spirits that inhabit the place by finding clues.

Chance A Lot Free Adventure Game

Chance A Lot
A stylized point and click adventure game with platform and puzzle elements. Trigger events at the correct time to pass.

Accurate Slap Shot Free Sports Game

Accurate Slap Shot
Play through 24 levels by shooting the puck into the goal. Bounce the puck off tires while avoiding moving obstacles.

Gooballs Free Puzzle Game

Connect the same colored goo balls by launching them from the goo tube. Clear the screen to complete each level.

Swarm Defender Free Shooting Game

Swarm Defender
Place defense towers along the enemies marching path to protect the defense core from damage. Click to upgrade.

World Soccer Free Sports Game

World Soccer
An awesome 3D soccer game with intuitive controls and responsive gameplay. Select your team and take on the world.

Storm Ops 3 Free Shooting Game

Storm Ops 3
Defend the castle for 25 days from the invading enemy threat. Upgrade bows and customize arrows. Hire support units.

Shadowless Free Platform Game

Embark on a journey to the find the Queen of Shadows in her castle. Upgrade the character with weapons and armor.

Arrow of Time Free Defense Game

Arrow of Time
Play through each era of time as the last protector of the legendary Arrow of Time. Upgrade defenses between waves.

Murloc RPG Free Adventure Game

Murloc RPG SF
Begin an adventure with Murk in this upgraded first installment of Murloc RPG. Help friends gain items, open the portal.

Epos Free Adventure Game

Tradda has been commisioned on a mission to bring peace to the land. Meet fellow adventures to begin the journey.

Infected Blood Free Adventure Game

Infected Blood
Search the zombie infested desolated town for weapons and an escape vehicle. Follow the guide arrow to checkpoints.

Home Story Free Adventure Game

Home Story 1971
Find and put the pieces of the family picture back together by searching the house and solving puzzles. Point and click.

Dynamic Systems 2 Free Puzzle Game

Dynamic Systems 2
Complete each level by guiding the metal ball into the bucket. Place the correct sequence of mechanical components.

Breakaway Free Arcade Game

Test your reflexes in this remake of the classic Arkanoid game. Many different levels include familiar power ups.

Kings Island 3 Free Adventure Game

Kings Island 3
Kaptive is still stuck in the outer realm where he awaits his freedom and promise of reward. Find quest items for keys.

Empires of Arkeia Free Action Game

Empires of Arkeia
Prevent the invading pirates from entering your territory while sending your troops past their line to win each round.

Leap Jet Bear Free Platform Game

Leap Jet Bear
Use a combination of flying and dashing that will lead the player to victory. Collect hidden jewels to unlock characters.

Crystal Constallations Free Gem Puzzle Platform Game

Crystal Constallations
Draw lines through gems to remove them from the board. Remove all of the barrier gems before the time runs out.

Descent of the Tomb Free Adventure Game

Descent of the Tomb
Explore the ancient tomb to discover its hidden secrets. Solve puzzles by finding and using the correct items and tools.

Super Dangerous Dungeons Free Platform Game

Super Dangerous Dungeons
Jump across moving platforms while avoiding spikes and other obstacles. Find the key and make it to the exit door.

The Splitting Free Adventure Game

The Splitting: Chapter 1
Daniel's universe has split. Traverse the two parallel worlds by using the mirrors in his house and solving this mystery.

Pomg Free Arcade Game

Pomg offers a new twist on the classic Pong game by controlling the movement of the ball instead of the paddles.

Fancy Pants World 3 Free Platform Game

Fancy Pants: World 3
Run, jump, slide, and bounce around the world of Fancy Pants. Help the king defend the land from invading pirates.

Endeavor Free Platform Game

Navigate the maze-like landscape to help the strange creatures that exist there. Upgrade along the way from specialized flower pods.

Sleep Walking Free Adventure Game

Sleep Walking
Engage in a world on the edge of reality and illusion. Solve puzzles and find both halves of the master key.

Backdoor Door 1 Free Adventure Game

Backdoor - Door 1: The Call
Awake or asleep? Earth or moon? Reality or illusion? Backdoor Door 1 attempts to answer these questions.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Free Shooting Game

Strike Force Heroes 3
Save the world from the GlobeX corporation who is using an army of clones to destroy the Strike Force Heroes.

Intrusion 2 Free Platform Game

Intrusion 2
An awesome sequel to the original Intrusion. Physics based platform shooter where everything can be interacted.

Decision 3 Free Shooting Game

Decision 3
Build a team of apocalyptic survivors to rebuild civilization. Find shelter and supplies while killing the zombies.

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