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New Action Games

Tesla Defense Free Action Game

Tesla Defense
Electrify the opposition units with the Tesla cannon or by placing defense coils in this addicting tower defense game.

Expendables 3 Free Action Game

Expendables 3
Deploy defense gun turrets and manage upgrades. Control the Expandables by moving them into position.

RoadZ Free Action Game

Keep hope alive as survivors of an explosion that has turned the town into zombies. Search for supplies and resources.

Warlords Call to Arms Free Action Game

Warlords: Call to Arms
Conquer territories by winning battles. Upgrade the alliance and send soldier units into the opposition end zone.

Mad Arrow Free Action Game

Mad Arrow
Deploy soldiers and archers in strategic places to effectively defend your pile of gold from the barbarian invaders.

Alienocalypse Free Action Game

Unlock and upgrade an alien fleet to manage a strategic campaign. Invade earth by placing alien units as eggs.


Featured Action Game

Big Time Fishing

Bigtime Fishing Big Fish Free Fishing Game

Developer: Wolf Games
Game Overview: Catch as many fish as you can to make money and buy new fishing rods, reels, lures and bait. Over 45 different types of fish across eight locations around the world. Each fish is defined by a number of properties such as hunger, strength, stamina, and intelligence. Play


More Great Flash Action Games

Urban Unrest Free Action Game

Urban Unrest
Combine various parts of weapons to create a battle bot. Use inertia and momentum to strike enemy robots.

Ancient Planet Free Action Game

Ancient Planet
A fully featured 3D tower defense game with multiple levels of defense gun turrets and base fortifications.

Mighty Knight 2 Free Action Game

Mighty Knight 2
Battle to gain XP which is applied to level up characters in your party. Use skill stars to upgrade specific warrior skills.

Mechanical Commando 2 Free Action Game

Mechanical Commando 2
Action shooter game with missions on various planets. Enter the hanger to purchase armor and weapon upgrades.

ARCS Free Action Game

Take control of the large mech to defend each outpost from the waves of enemy troops and robots. Upgrade weapons.

Flash Trek Free Action Game

Flash Trek Broken Mirror
Explore the Star Trek universe to interact and trade, influence stellar politics, build space stations and fleets of ships.

Zombie TD Uprise Free Defense Game

Zombie TD Uprise
Place the proper ground and air defense towers as well as sensor towers to protect the brains from hungry zombies.

Empires of Arkeia Free Action Game

Empires of Arkeia
Prevent the invading pirates from entering your territory while sending your troops past their line to win each round.

Shop Empire Fable Free Simulation Game

Shop Empire Fable
Build and operate a successful shopping mall simulation by constructiong shops, adding food outlets, and hiring staff.

Arrow of Time Free Defense Game

Arrow of Time
Play through each era of time as the last protector of the legendary Arrow of Time. Upgrade defenses.

Cold Circuit Free Action Game

Cold Circuit
Infiltrate the robotic factory to stop biological experiments. Upgrade skills and weapons to defeat mechanical enemies.

Midnight Hunter Free Action Game

Midnight Hunter
Stay alive for as long as possible during each run to achieve the greatest distance and collect the most coins.

Helic Free Helicopter Game

Defend the base with your helicopter from waves of enemies while building and maintaining gun turrets.

Epic War 5 Free Game

Epic War 5
Choose from three unique heros to fight your way to the Hellgate in this epic fantasy strategy game.

Worlds Guard Tower Defense Free Game

Worlds Guard TD
Survive through each unique world by preventing bugs and other enemies from passing. Place robotic defenses.

Im Flying To The Moon Free Game

I'm Flying To The Moon
Make it to the moon in as few days as possible by upgrading your rocket and avoiding blimps, balloons, and UFO's.

Mega Mash Free Game

Mega Mash
Switch between gameplay styles as you make it though levels. Each level has different combinations of game styles.

Working Stiffs Free Game

Working Stiffs
A coworker opened an e-mail attachment infecting all the computers and turning most workers into zombies.

The Fairyland Massacre Free Game

The Fairyland Massacre
In the year 3072 Earth is at war with the planet Narubi, and you have been selected to complete the mission.

Monsters TD Free Game

Monsters TD
Build towers along the path of the monsters to prevent them from entering the portal to your world.

Desert Fighter Free Game

Desert Fighter
Its the year 2095, you must wipe out sandmen vehicles as you help a gas tanker make its way across the desert.

Zombies Inc Free Game

Zombies Inc.
Hire zombies, enlist workers for your army, and manage a company in pursuit of world domination.

Ambush Free Game

Place units strategically to shoot at the invading enemy and earn stars for upgrades.

Castle Commander Free Game

Castle Commander
You are the only heir to the kingdom of Davana, which is sinking, you must lead your people to higher ground.

Bloom Defender Free Game

Bloom Defender
Mother Nature takes the form of a giant tree called Mother Tree that you must defend in Bloom Defender.

Effing Fruits Free Game

Effing Fruits
Uncooperative fruits are running amok in the juice factory, you must capture and juice them.

My Dino and Me Free Game

My Dino and Me
With the help of your dino, kill all the alien snails and feed him the shells. Upgrade shooting game.

Heavy Pawnage Free Game

Heavy Pawnage
The drones have rebelled, don the combat armor and destroy them in this upgrade shooting game.

Collapse It Free Game

Collapse It
Plant explosives to crumble structures. Crush all of the people on each map by exploding the structure.

Pandemic 2 Free Game

Pandemic 2
Create a virus and develop it into a pandemic killer in Pandemic 2. First, select a virus, bacteria, or parasite.

Cursed Treasure Free Game

Cursed Treasure
Place orc, undead or demon powered defense towers to defend gems. Build towers along the road.

Mass Mayhem 4 Free Game

Mass Mayhem 4
Jump off the helicopter at any point, blast tunnels through rock, blow up buildings, and complete different objectives.

Kingdom Rush Free Game

Kingdom Rush
Lead your army as the general of the Kings forces and fight off enemies in this tower defense game.

Big Tree Defense 2 Free Game

Big Tree Defense 2
Bugs have been contaminated by pollution and have mutilated into killers. Grow trees and defend them.

Zombie Avenue Free Game

Zombie Avenue
Destroy all the buildings and zombies. Use your tank to shoot at buildings and run over zombies.

Moby Dick 2 Free Game

Moby Dick 2
Destroy ships, eat people and cause as much destruction as possible in this whale attack upgrade game.

Tasty Planet Dino Time Free Game

Tasty Planet Dino Time
Start as a small grey goo created by an experiment with nano-technology.

Shore Siege 2 Free Game

Shore Siege 2
Kill all oncoming creatures and build oil rigs in this strategy tower defense game. Guide a pirate ship to find treasure.

Mushroom Madness 3 Flash Game

Mushroom Madness 3
Protect your mushroom patch from wilderness creatures in the latest Mushroom Maddness game.

Underground Invasion Flash Game

Underground Invasion
Game provides a decent amount of weapons and upgrades, most important being the turrets.

Stick Blender Flash Game

Stick Blender
Blend attacking stick men and cows before they can destroy the giant killer blender in this action game.

Learn To Fly 2 Flash Game

Learn to Fly 2
Help the penguin learn to fly in as few days as possible. Earn money to buy upgrades by flying high and far.

Bloons TD 4 Flash Game

Bloons TD 4 Expansion
Prevent balloons from reaching the end of the track in the expanded version of Bloons Tower Defense 4.

Defend Your Nuts Free Game

Defend Your Nuts
Help a squirrel protect his nuts from bees, skeletons, giants and other foesin this action shooting game.

Desktop TD Pro Defense Flash Game

Desktop Tower Defense Pro
Popular tower defense game offers more game modes including sprint, sandbox, multiplayer and scenarios.

Infinite Tower Defense Flash Game

Infinite Tower Defense
Simple and addicting tower defense game. Position the towers along the path to keep the attackers from your base.

Humaliens Battle 3 Flash Game

Humaliens Battle 3
Land, air, and water battles; send out your soldiers, ships and airforce to attack your enemy and destroy their base.

Flight Flash Game

With a bunch of fantastic upgrades such as rocket fuel and cool plane designs you'll be flying thousands of feet.

Undead Highway Flash Game

Undead Highway
Shoot the zombies with various weapons, find the car keys to exit each level, and drive until you are out of gas.

Desert Moon Flash Game

Desert Moon
Strategically place your arsenal to prevent the ensueing onsaughts of alien hoards.

Air Transporter Flash Game

Air Transporter
Physics helicopter game where the goal is to complete various missions by carefully flying and utilizing two winches.

Penguins Attack TD 2 Flash Game

Penguins Attack TD 2
Penguins Attack TD 2 contains all of the best elements from a variety of tower defense games and combines them.

Sky Machine Flash Game

Sky Machine
Get the highest combined score from three flying attempts. Choose angle and power at launch.

Defense 1942 Flash Game

Defense 1942
Defend Singapore from the invading Japanese army in this tower defense game. Six types of soldiers to choose from.

Mothership Warfare Flash Game

Mothership Warfare
Send your troops, artillery and other firepower into battle attempting to overtake the opponents base station.

The Last Frontier Flash Game

The Last Frontier
Defend your base from incoming enemy soldiers by moving them into the correct positions.

Age Of War Flash Game

Age Of War
Action strategy defense game with an original theme. Travel through time while protecting your castle.

Zombie Exploder Flash Game

Zombie Exploder
Attack the enemies to defend yourself and send zombie limbs flying. Each level represents a different floor in a building.

Shadez 2 Flash Game

Shadez 2 - Battle For Earth
Work your way through the ranks in this military game and save the earth from destruction.

Warfare 1944 Flash Game

Warfare 1944

Re-create the famous battles of World War 2. Win each battle by taking over the enemy ground in this great war game.

Mushroom Madness Flash Game

Mushroom Madness

Strategy defense game where you control various weapons with your mouse in an attempt to destroy the enemies.

Upgrade Complete Flash Game

Upgrade Complete

The point of Upgrade Complete is to upgrade every part of the game itself including the menu, sound, background, weapons..

Magnetic Defense Flash Game

Magnetic Defense

Defend your base by picking up and dropping pieces of junk onto the approaching enemies.

Favela Heroes Flash Game

Favela Heroes

A gangster style defense game where you hire and position your gang members to stop the invading procession of cars.

Storm The House 3 Free Action Game

Storm The House 3

A nicely made defense game combining an action shooter with upgradable weapons and defenses.

Battle Gear

Battle Gear

Amasing war game where you choose between USA, Russia, or China in a quest for world domination.

Black Ops Korean Conflict

Black Ops

Black Ops Korean Conflict combines elements of action and stealth into a great platform shooter.



Biomex combines puzzle elements with a fast paced shooting game.

Guns N Angel

Guns N Angel

Blast your way through many types of enemies as you progress past several stages in three unique worlds.

Penguinz Flash Game


Run, jump and shoot waves of enemies of varying difficulty while building up your arsenal.

Iron Shinobi Fighting RPG Adventure Game

Iron Shinobi
Battle your way through the missions while building your experience and character attributes.

Age of Defense 4 Free Action Game

Age of Defense 4
Send units down the line to deal damage to the opposition base. Protect your base by throwing boulders, or shooting.

Zombie Cure Free Action Game

Zombie Cure
Cure the zombie patients by mixing the correct anti-serum cocktail specifically tailored to treat their chemical imbalance.

Monster Hordes Defense Action Game

Monster Hordes
Help three wizards to defend the castle. Cast spells and warriors onto the battlefield. Upgrade between rounds.

Age of Defense Free Action Game

Age of Defense
Launch projectiles at advancing enemies to defend the base. Earn points to upgrade the character.

The Last Villiage Free Action Game

The Last Villiage
Mine resources, train warriors, build structures, grow food, develop weapons to battle intruders and defend the land.

Zombie Train Free Survival Game

Zombie Train
Survive the zombie invasion on a moving train. Repair barricades, upgrade weapons, and prepare for the next wave.

Swarm Defender Free Shooting Game

Swarm Defender
Place defense towers along the enemies marching path to protect the defense core from damage. Click to upgrade.

Commando Rush Free Action Game

Commando Rush
Upgrade weapons from the arsenal to battle waves of enemy soldiers and vehicle units. Call in support troops.

Ships vs Monsters Free Action Game

Ships vs. Monsters
Line up your battle ships against the opponents sea monsters in this real time strategy tower defense game.

Infected Blood Free Adventure Game

Infected Blood
Search the zombie infested desolated town for weapons and an escape vehicle. Follow the arrow to checkpoints.

Ultimate Tactics Free Strategy Game

Ultimate Tactics
Save the land with your team of warriors in this turn based tactics game. Upgrade items and equipment at the shop.

Ace Gangster Free Platform Game

Ace Gangster
Welcome to MadAlley City. Steal cars, take jobs, and earn as much money as you can before getting busted.

Age of War 2 Free Strategy Game

Age of War 2
Destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack.

Zombie Motherland Free Shooting Game

Zombie Motherland
Zombies have invaded and your being overrun by these mindless brain eaters. Build your boat to escape.

Brain Buffet Free Game

Brain Buffet
The tables are turned as you attack humans and eat their brains in this zombie game. Avoid being shot by police.

Epic Stand Free Game

Epic Stand
Reign magic spells from the sky over forces of attacking hordes. Play as a sorcerer and protect your castle.

Defend the Castle Free Game

Defend the Castle
Your kingdom is under attack, you must use your archer skills and shoot down hoards of zombies.

Decision Free Game

Take back a zombie ridden city one area at a time in this top down RPG shooter. Free the city from zombies.

The Summoning Free Game

The Summoning
Play as an evil sorcerer wiping out all human settlements while upgrading your spells and army.

New York Shark Free Game

New York Shark
Eat and destroy everything you can in this awesome destruction game. Eat fish, octopus, humans and boats.

TowerCraft Free Game

Challenge your tower defense skills and stop the advancement of evil armies. Fight against defeat.

Ruperts Zombie Diary Free Game

Ruperts Zombie Diary
An evil wizard has mastered the book of the dead and is using the evil power to take over London.

Duck Life 4 Free Game

Duck Life 4
Train and feed your duck to become the fastest racer. Gain money for upgrades, train your duck to compete in races.

Sky Defender Joes Story Free Game

Sky Defender: Joe's Story
Your castle in the sky is under attack, you must shoot down attackers and upgrade your defenses.

Burrito Bison Revenge Free Game

Burrito Bison Revenge
Launch the bison as far as possible in this fun upgrade tossing game. Use the spinning meter to launch.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 Puzzle Free Game

Crazy Guitar Maniac 4
Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate guitar maniac? Play 16 songs and unlock 14 guitars.

Rollercoaster Creator Free Game

Rollercoaster Creator
Draw or place pre-designed parts to allow the roller coaster to collect all the coins and make it to the end.

Crusade 2 Free Game

Crusade 2
Aim and shoot your cannon at soldiers and barricades to infiltrate the castle.

Awesome Tanks Free Game

Awesome Tanks
Battle multiple tanks in each level, destroy all the tanks, turrets and tank factories to beat all 15 levels.

Hands of War Tower Defense Free Game

Hands of War TD
Unite the seven factions and defend your nation against the invading force in this RPG tower defense game.

TU-46 Free Game

Fly and land airplanes to deliver passengers around the world. Make money through successful flights.

Home Sheep Home 2 Free Game

Home Sheep Home 2
Help the three sheep work together to make it through the streets of London in this physics based adventure.

Gibbets 3 Free Game

Gibbets 3
Save all the people in each level by disconnecting the rope with your arrow.

Rebellion Species Free Game

Rebellion Species
Kill all rebel species and destroy their bases. Use different guns to shoot enemies.

Gunball 2 Free Game

Gunball 2 Revenge
Defy the odds and become the new emperor in this battle upgrade RPG. Fight your way across the land.

Infectionator Christmas Free Game

Infectonator: Christmas
Ruin Christmas by starting the zombie apocalypse in this zombie chain reaction game.

Necronator 2 Free Game

Necronator 2
Play as human or undead and conquer as many lands as possible in the fighting tower defense sequel to Necronator.

Stark Raving Ted Flash Game

Stark Raving Ted
Aliens have attacked the Earth and are turning humans into zombies. Help Ted kill the aliens and zombies.

Zombotron Free Game

Help the bio-robot rid the planet Zombotron from zombies and monsters in this action platform shooting game.

Zombies Ate My Phone Flash Game

Zombies Ate My Phone
It's the zombie apocalypse and you love killing zombies, but your phone won't stop ringing.

Battle Beavers Free Game

Battle Beavers
Defeat Rangor the Terrible, who has broken the peace and is violently ruling the land.

Rebuild 2 Free Game

Rebuild 2
Lead a group of survivors and rebuild a city in the zombie apocalypse in this turn based strategy game.

Monster Island Flash Game

Monster Island
Use mini balls to kill monsters by exploding them, knocking them off cliffs, or running them over with boulders.

SolarMax Flash Game

Colonize space and defeat your enemies in this strategy game, build your fleet and occupy planets and systems.

I Paid For It Flash Game

Mike Shadow: I Paid For It
Smash The Vending Machine. Several different attack options can be upgraded between rounds.

Gemcraft Labyrinth Flash Game

Gemcraft Labyrinth
Mix gems to create stronger magic and use the many tools to strengthen your defenses and smash the enemy waves.

Rebuild Flash Game

The zombie apocalypse is upon us and you are in charge of organising the few remaining survivors.

Days 2 Die Flash Game

Days 2 Die
There has been an outbreak of zombies where you live and you must protect yourself against them. Buy weapons...

Pogo Swing Flash Game

Pogo Swing
See how many attempts it takes you before you can buy the ultimate rocket seat.

BoomBot 2 Flash Game

BoomBot 2
Strategically place and detonate a given amount of bombs to safely move the robot through the doorway.

1066 Multiplayer War Flash Game

1066 War Multiplayer
Turn-based strategy war game. Battle the computer or human opponents in this mulitplayer flash war game.

Balloon Wasteland Flash Game

Balloon In A Wasteland
Repair your hot-air balloon while defending against the creatures of the night. Try to stay alive in a barren land.

Fly Hard Flash Game

Fly Hard
Save the earth from an incoming asteroid by building a rocket with the money collected from floating jewels.

Stonepunk Flash Game

Upgrade game where a stone-age scientist circumnavigates the globe without becoming dinosaur food.

Creeper World Training Simulator Flash Game

Creeper World Training Sim
10000 years into the future you must fight back the creeper far enough to connect totem towers to your grid.

Savage Huskies Flash Game

Savage Huskies
Battle robotic enemies approaching from different directions using hand-to-hand combat, guns, and more.

Choo Choo Flash Game

Choo Choo
A train set with weapons attached to the cars! Navigate your train to destroy the enemy and blast bosses.

Omega Turret Defense Flash Game

Omega Turret Defense

Fend off the approaching army as enemy soldiers attempt to destroy your post. Upgrade your turret between rounds.

Battle Gear 2 Flash Game

Battle Gear 2

In-depth war game with elements of action, defense and strategy. Defend your base and attempt to destroy the enemy.

Ultimate Assassin 2 Flash Game

Ultimate Assassin 2

A game of stealth that requires the player to infiltrate the enemy, assassinate the target, and escape successfully.

Space Game Missions Flash Game

Space Game Missions

Build your space station and mine space asteroids for their rare mineral content.

Rotting Onslaught Flash Game

Rotting Onslaught
Control an elite fighting force of six gunmen through different scenarios. Shoot and kill all the undead in sight.

Brainz Flash Game

Run around and shoot zombies in this shooter game. Earn money by killing zombies and buy a large variety of weapons.

Slammings Strategy Defense Game


Flash defense game. Slam colorful creatures into the ground and eachother to gain points and protect your base.

Warfare 1917-2267 Free Action Game

Warfare 1917-2267

Win each battle by taking over the enemy ground or by forcing the enemy into surrender by wearing down their morale.

Indestructo Tank AE Free Action Game

Indestructo Tank A.E.

Drive an indestructable truck. Hit the falling bombs to get some air.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Free Online Flash Game

Bloons TD 3

Fun, colorful defense game requires you to defend against the onslaught of balloons using vaious balloon popping devices.

Metal Slug Flash Action Game Screenshot

Metal Slug Flash

This is a great clone of the classic Metal Slug which plays and sounds exactly like the original game.

Haunted House

Haunted House

You have been hired to rid a haunted house of as many zombies, skeletons and vampires as you can.

Heist Free Action Game


Your job as the world's greatest theif is to steal the world's biggest diamond.

Stealth Hunter

Stealth Hunter

Avoid detection by sneaking around and snapping the necks of your enemies.



Visual effects game where the goal is to collect as many points as you can by navigating your ship inside the square.

Undead Hunter

Undead Hunter

Complete each level by placing dynamite to blow away boxes and other obstacles in your path.

Orbital Decay Spaceship Defense

Orbital Decay

Take command of a giant space vessel and defend against incoming alien attacks.

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