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New Christmas Games

Gem Collect Free Game

Gem Collect
Connect 3 gems together in a row to collect the jewels. 30 levels of increasing difficulty including 6 bonus rounds.

Super Santa Kicker 2 Christmas Game

Super Santa Kicker 2
Collect all the bags of toys and get Santa into the chimney in this Christmas platform physics puzzle game.

Santa Stacker Game

Santa Stacker

The Grinch has stolen Santa's sleigh and is throwing the presents to the ground, you must help Santa catch them.

Christmas Card Shooter Christmas Free Game

Christmas Card Shooter
Use your pellet gun to hit card images of Santa, snowmen, angels, and other Christmas characters.

Sled Shredding Christmas Game

Sled Shredding
Santa must slide and hop between houses. He starts out slow, but starts moving increasingly faster.

Santa Rockstar 3 Game

Santa Rockstar 3

Santa is back on an epic rock journey, and he wants you to prove your guitar abilities. Play standard or Rockstar mode.


Featured Christmas Game

Infectonator: Christmas Edition

Infectionator Christmas Game Screenshot

Developer: Sudarmin
Game Overview:
Ruin Christmas by starting the zombie apocalypse in this zombie chain reaction game. Click near people to start the infection, and it will spread as zombies move around. Play Game


Best Online Christmas Games

Christmas Defense Flash Game

Christmas Defense
Stop the invading Grinch army from stealing Santa's milk and cookies. Utilize different types of weapons to succeed.

Night of the Snowmen Flash Game

Night of the Snowmen
Kill all the evil snowman to survive. Shoot or throw grenades at snowmen before getting hit with snowballs.

Santa Bowl Game

Santa Bowl
Single player Christmas themed bowling game. High scores are recorded online.

Santa Rider 2 Game

Santa Rider 2
Help Santa Clause race through levels, collecting presents in this bike racing game. Collect presents and perform tricks.

Learn To Fly 2 Flash Game

Learn to Fly 2
Help the penguin learn to fly in as few days as possible. Earn money to buy upgrades by flying high and far.

Jingle Balls Flash Game

Jingle Balls
Dennis is stirring up trouble at the fair, gain points by hitting people with snow balls and knocking them over.

Learn To Fly Flash Game

Learn To Fly
Attempt to make a penguin fly by using a combination of rockets and hand gliders.

Colour My Fate Flash Game

Colour My Fate

Collect different coloured christmas tree ornaments to open new areas in this surrealistic platform game.

Santa Strike Flash Game

Santa Strike
Gun down all the Santas in Santastrike. Shoot them as accurately as possible in 60 second rounds.

Penguins Attack TD 2 Flash Game

Penguins Attack TD 2
Penguins Attack TD 2 contains all of the best elements from a variety of tower defense games and combines them.

Frosty Balls Free Game

Frosty Balls
Various types of stars behave differently such as flashing, moving, as well as change the trajectory of your shot.

Drift Runners Racing Game

Drift Runners
Race against the computer while collecting stars, smashing obstacles, and sliding around corners.

Gun Cars Driving Flash Game

Gun Cars

Pick up weapons and destroy your opponent in this one-on-one driving shooting demolition derby game.

Snow Plow Flash Game

Snow Plow
Use your plow to move all of the snow into the marked green zone to complete each level. Avoid hitting cars.

Flash Empires 2 Game

Flash Empires 2

The invaders will come from the bottom of the screen in waves, you must build an army to save the Santa's workshop.

Christmas Treasure Hunt Game

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Collect Santa and other Christmas toys in this Christmas arcade game. Collect all the presents within the timeframe.

Santa Rockstar Game

Santa Rockstar

Play along to your favorite rockstar Christmas songs in this guitar hero influenced game. Play along to classics.

Bloons 2 Christmas Free Game

Bloons 2 Christmas Pack
Bloons 2 with Christmas graphics and music. Pop the target amount of balloons to get to the next level.

Bazooking Xmas Flash Game

Bazooking Xmas
Santa gained some weight over the off season and can't fit in chimneys, help him shoot the presents into chimneys.

Avalanche Penguin Christmas Game

Avalanche Penguin

Help the penguin survive as long as possible and beat the avalanche. Play in Adventure or Survival Mode.

Starlight Xmas Christmas Game

Starlight Xmas

Connect or align starts in this Christmas puzzle game. Align 3D stars or draw lines between stars to create an image.

Poltergifts Christmas Game

Unwrap presents to find weapons and defeat the onslaught, upgrade these weapons with money earned.

Reindeer Roundup Game

Reindeer Roundup
Help Santa tranquilize his reindeer in this Christmas game. Don't hit the elves, you need them to make presents.

Santa Ball Christmas Game

Santa Ball
Bounce the Santa Ball through the maze to collect as many presents as possible.

Sugar Sugar Christmas Game

Sugar Sugar Christmas
Fill all the cups with sugar in this Christmas drawing game. Draw lines to direct sugar from the source to different cups.

Penguinz Flash Game


Run, jump and shoot waves of enemies of varying difficulty while building up your arsenal.

Icycle Flash Game

Ride your BMX through the icy cold landscape collecting bubbles while avoiding spikes and other obstacles.

Santa Rider Flash Game

Santa Rider
Help Santa Claus collect the presents by dirt biking through the north pole in the festive flash game.

Cargo Bridge 3 Xmas Flash Game

Cargo Bridge 3 Xmas
Build structurally sound bridges in order to transport the Christmas presents back to the sleigh.

Civballs Physics Puzzle Game


Physics game that has the player to breaking chains and sending the red and green balls into their appropriate canisters.

Civiballs 2 Flash Game

Civiballs 2
Civiballs 2 includes many new levels with increasing difficulty which can keep the player entertained for some time.

Santa Truck Game

Santa Truck

Deliver presents as fast as possible without losing them. Each level has different sizes and quantity of presents.

Light Up The Christmas Tree

Light Up The Xmas Tree

Turn on all of the lights on the Christmas tree by rotating the circuits to make a closed connection.

Ski Maniacs Flash Game

Ski Maniacs
Ski through each level with the time allotted while flying off hills and ramps, attempting to perform tricks and combo's.

Serious Santa Game

Serious Santa
Help Santa take back the North Pole in this Christmas action shooter. You must find all kidnapped good elves to win.

Cubi Click Game

Cubi Click

Eliminate clusters of pandas, stars, reindeer and other christmas icons in this Christmas puzzle game.

Santa Launch

Santa Launch

Use a cannon to launch Santa as far as you can in this action upgrade game.

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