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New Shooting Games

2012 Doomsday Defender

Doomsday Defender
Simple, fast-paced, fun shooter that combines asteroids, missile command, and saving the world.

Xiao Xiao 4

Similar to classic arcade first person shooters such as Lethal Enforcers.

Sierra 7 Flash Game

Sierra 7
Flash first person shooter. Act as an assassin and eliminate the enemies in each 3D mission.

Bullet Free Game

Kill other snipers before they kill you in this shooting game. Complete missions and earn stars to unlock more levels.

The Last Stand 3 Free Online Flash Game

The Last Stand 2

Progress through multiple levels consisting of different towns and waves of brain eating zombies.

GunBlood Western Shootout Flash Game

Test your reflexes against nine computer opponents in one-on-one gun fights. Gunblood includes four bonus rounds.


Featured Shooting Game

Scorched Pods - An OfficeGameSpot Exclusive

Scorched Pods Free Online Flash Game Screenshot

Developer: Wolf Games
Game Overview:
Updates: IMPROVED BOTS are now more aggresive and challenging, Fixed magnetic field bug, no more getting stuck when flying, added names of characters into selection screen, fixed bug when placing an energy barrier over an item. Play Game


More Great Flash Shooting Games

Madness Accelerant Free Game

Madness Accelerant
Take down the unbeatable evil clown and fight other enemies in Madness Accelerant.

Mushroom Madness 2 Flash Game

Mushroom Madness 2

Defend the magic mushrooms from hungry bunny rabbits, giant bugs, porcupines, and other invading creatures.

The Strangers 4 Flash Game

The Strangers 4

Complete your objectives in hostile territory and return home safely using sniper support and ground assault.

Stinger Mission Flash Game

Stinger Mission

Awesome side-scrolling shooter with detailed character graphics and textured backgrounds.

Voidgale Arena

Voidgale Arena

Defend your base, or nest, from incoming enemy ships by shooting them and placing defense turrets.

Dead Frontier Night One

Part one in a three part series of zombie killing mayhem.

13 Days In Hell Zombie Shooting Game

13 Days In Hell

Blast through waves of oncoming zombies in a fight for survival.



Bullet Fury Free Shooting Game

Bullet Fury
3D First person shooter. Quick reflexes and fast shooting are required to make it past the enemy guards in the complex.

Rapid Gun Free Shooting Game

Rapid Gun
Careful planning is required to stay alive which includes taking cover behind walls to avoid enemy fire.

Strike Force Heroes 3 Free Shooting Game

Strike Force Heroes 3
Save the world from the GlobeX corporation who is using an army of clones to destroy the Strike Force.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Free Platform Game

Strike Force Heroes 2
Upgrade your soldiers one at a time to create the ultimate team. Countless weapons, armor and equipment.

Tactical Force 1 Free Shooting Game

Tactical Force 1
First person shooter style game with 3D graphics. The gameplay has adventure modes and sniper elements.

Steam Pilgrim Free Game

Steam Pilgrim
Complete missions in the Forbidden lands in this birds-eye shooting game. Shoot at crates and kill enemies.

Dream of the Ocean Free Game

Dream of the Ocean
Shoot at enemies in this underwater shooting game. Run along the bottom of the ocean as you shoot at cubes.

Mr Vengeance 2 Free Game

Mr. Vengeance 2
You are now on the tracks of Jack Fiero, one of the biggest mafia bosses, but first you must find Joe Brown.

10 Bullets Free Game

10 Bullets
Utilize your ten bullets wisely, wait for the perfect shot to trigger a chain reaction with massive explosions.

Dinosaurs and Meteors Free Game

Dinosaurs and Meteors
Prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs by shooting the falling meteors. Meteors of different sizes are falling.

Hambo 2 Free Game

Hambo 2
Aim and shoot different weapons at the pig mobsters, you have a limited amount of ammo.

Codename Indigo Free Game

Codename Indigo
You are the last survivor of your team, you must infiltrate the enemy. Use barricades and dodge attacks.

SAS Zombie 3 Flash Game

SAS Zombie Assault 3
Stay alive in the arial view zombie shooting game. Play single player or cooperatively, and survive each wave.

Samurai Panda Free Game

Samurai Panda
Help the hungry samurai panda collect all the sushi for points, and keys to unlock the next level.

Insectionator Zombie Flash Game

Insectionator Zombie Mode
Kill zombies from above with darts, guns, a big stomping boot and more to achieve points and more weapons.

Storm Ops Flash Game

Storm Ops
In this shooting game you are a sniper up on the hill. Your mission is to protect your military base.

Sieger Flash Game

Point and shoot with the mouse to break away walls, supporting beams, and floors to create instability.

Dummy Never Fails Flash Game

Dummy Never Fails
Launch a ragdoll dummy out of a cannon at a stationary or moving target, trying to inflict as little pain as possible.

Robokill 2 Flash Game

Robokill 2
Destroy enemies, collect cash, gain experience, and buy upgrades to customize your mech weapons and defenses.

Siege Master Flash Game

Siege Master

The goal is to launch projectiles at various structures in order to eliminate all of the enemy targets contained within.

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer Flash Game

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer

Take on the role of a shotgun toting maverick in an attempt to kill the approaching zombies before they reach you.

Crush The Castle Player Pack Flash Game

Crush The Castle - PP

Here is a re-release of Crush The Castle with many new player created levels.

Crush The Castle Flash Game

Crush The Castle

Make your way across the land destroying every castle you encounter with your catapult.

Apple Shooter

Shoot the apple off your friends head using a bow and arrow. Don't miss or you might end up hitting your buddy.

Bloons Super Monkey Flash Game

Bloons Super Monkey
Fly around popping balloons in this arcade style shooter. The Bloons series has always relied on simple gameplay.

Star Wings Flash Game

Star Wings
Blast your way through waves of enemies while collecting weapon power-ups in this arcade spaceship shooter.

Nostradamus Flash Spaceship Shooter


Nostradamus is a fast paced arcade spaceship shooter with nice graphics and three types of weapons upgrades.

Word Bombs

Bombs are dropping and once again it is up to you to save the planet from impending mass destruction.

Locks Quest

Locks Quest

The clockworks are attacking. Use your turrets to knock out approaching clockwork enemies.

Crack Shot Western Shooting Game

Crack Shot

Shoot all of the targets in the room as fast as possible.

Rapid Gun 2 Free Shooting Game

Rapid Gun 2
Navigate through the outdoor base in this 3D first person shooter. Find and collect health boxes to stay alive.

Tactical Assassin 2 Free Shooting Game

Tactical Assassin 2
Become a hired assassin. Earn cash by completing missions to buy weapon upgrades and equipment.

Battle Area Free Shooting Game

Battle Area
Attempt to take out all of the enemies in the planetary complex by carefully avoiding fire. 3D first person shooter.

Swat 2 Sniper Shooting Game

SWAT 2 Sniper Game

Play Swat 2 sniper game and take on the role of a police sharp shooter.

Snipedown Flash Game

Defend your base by shooting them with your sniper rifle, ground artillery, and special airstrike support.

Tactical Assassin Free Shooting Game

Tactical Assassin
Sniper shooting game. Spot the correct target by following the directions from the mission briefing to complete levels.

Medieval Rampage Flash Game

Medieval Rampage

Run around and launch arrows at waves of enemies in this top-down action shooting game.

Dead Frontier Night Two

Part two in a three part series of zombie killing mayhem.



Custom build your trebuchet to take on three seperate challenges: distance, accuracy and power.

Stormwinds TLC The Lost Campaigns

Stormwinds TLC

Defeat waves of enemies and defend your base with up to four unique weapon turrets.

Combat Instinct II

Combat Instinct II

First person shooter style gameplay with lots of different environments and a great storyline.



Lab Free Shooting Game

A first person shooter game similar to Wolfenstein 3D. Find weapons and armor to shoot the monsters.

Quake Free Shooting Game

Quake Flash
A fun game once you get used to the controls. This is a Flash port of the classic 3D first person shooter by ID Software.

Storm Ops 3 Free Shooting Game

Storm Ops 3
Defend the castle for 25 days from the invading enemy threat. Upgrade bows and arrows. Hire support units.

Unreal Flash 3 Free Shooting Game

Unreal Flash 3
Choose your team and enter battle in a deathmatch style shooting mayhem. Many weapons and abilities.

Palisade Guardian 2 Flash Game

Palisade Guardian 2
Defend your building from the approaching troops, artillery, trucks, tanks, helicopters and more.

Strike Force Heroes Free Platform Game

Strike Force Heroes
Team based deathmatch game with story elements. Campaign, challenges, and quick match play included.

Decision 2 Free Shooting Game

Decision 2
A top-down zombie shooter with many weapons and upgrades. Includes well defined strategic missions.

Still Alive Free Shooting Game

Still Alive
Still Alive is a well balanced shooting defense game. Start with a 9mm pistol, defend the hut from walking undead.

Bomb Diver Free Game

Bomb Diver
Use your grenade launcher to protect your city. Use your jetpack to collect ammunition as you parachute to your city.

Tiny Airships Free Game

Tiny Airships
Your home city, Metrocadia, has fallen to the Tyrian Imperial navy, you must escape.

Shoot the Aliens Free Game

Shoot the Aliens
Shoot all the aliens that stole the cowboy's whiskey. Kill every alien before you run out of ammo to pass the level.

Dead Zed Free Game

Dead Zed
You woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you must survive the next 40 days when help will arrive.

Vanish Rain Free Game

Vanish Rain
A zombie virus has swept the city and everyone must evacuate. Wait for your brother and fend off zombies.

Trollface Sniper Free Game

Trollface Sniper
Use your sniper skills to eliminate all the trolls. The trolls can be anywhere on the screen, they are very sneaky.

Hungry Ducks Free Game

Hungry Ducks
Feed the hungry yellow ducks and destroy red ducks. Select food or bombs to launch at the right targets to gain points.

Indi Cannon Free Game

Indi Cannon
Aim your cannon to collect all the coins to beat all 30 levels. Shoot Indi to collect all the coins, use objects in the level.

Dummy Never Fails Free Game

Dummy Never Fails 2
Hit the targets with dummies in this physics puzzle game. Control the cannon and gravity to try to maneuver the dummy.

Flaming Zambooka 3 Free Game

Flaming Zombooka 3
You are stuck in a creepy carnival with lots of zombies, some dressed as clowns.

Pothead Zombies Flash Game

Pothead Zombies
Choose your weapon and furry animal to protect your barracks from hordes of pot-hungry undead hippies.

Flaming Zombooka 2 Flash Game

Flaming Zombooka 2
Use your Zombooka to shoot the Zombies or shoot other objects to kill the Zombies in a number of imaginative ways.

Crush The Castle 2 Flash Game

Crush The Castle 2
Destroy the inhabitants of the castle by launching projectiles and demolishing their fortifications with your catapult.

Sand Castle Flash Game

Sand Castle

Defend your land and citizens from the invading conquistadors with a barrage of conventional and unconventional weapons.

Armored Ashura Flash Baseball Game

Armored Ashura

Fast-paced side scrolling shooter game with lots of different enemies including level bosses with various attacks.

Robokill Free Online Flash Game


You can upgrade your mech with lots of different weapons in lots of combinations.

Missile Rush Flash Game

Missile Rush
Retro shooter where you must defend the three gun stations from enemy attack. Cool explosions and light effects.

Raiden X

Developed as a "tribute" to Raiden I and Raiden II which were very popular arcade games back in the 80's.



Awesome fast paced space shooter with upgradeable weapons.

Bunny Invasion 2

Bunny Invasion 2

Protect your local bar from the invading bunnies with a wide range of weapons.

Ragdoll Cannon Remake

Ragdoll Cannon Remake

Ragdoll Cannon Remake requires you to shoot a ragdoll out of a cannon and hit the target to pass the level.

Space Pips

Space Pips

Space Pips is an asteroids type shooter with great graphics and smooth gameplay.

Green Terror

Green Terror

Save the earth from the green aliens by shooting them with your solar cannon.

Castle Clout

Castle Clout

Break down the enemy barracades with your custom trebuchet launcher.

Dead Zed 2 Free Platform Game

Dead Zed 2
Protect the house from a zombie invasion for 40 days with the help of fellow survivors and heavy firepower.

Doom Triple Pack Flash Game

Doom Triple Pack

This should bring back some good memories from the original Doom, Hexen, and Heretic games.

Storm Ops 4 Free Shooting Game

Storm Ops 4
Protect the base from armed intruders. Military style shooting and upgrades. Purchase weapons.

Super Sergeant Shooter 3 Free Game

Super Sergeant Shooter 3
Shoot soldiers and zombies as you try to survive in this first person shooter. Collect ammo, health bonuses, and weapons.

Last Stand Union City Free Game

The Last Stand Union City

In the latest in The Last Stand Series fight off zombies in Union City and save your wife.

Palisade Guardian Flash Game

Palisade Guardian

Defend the house by shooting the troops, artillery, and trucks that approach.

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