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New Puzzle Games

Bubble Buster 2008 Fun Online Game Screenshot

Bubble Buster
Break the bubbles by matching 3 or more in any combination. 2 game modes and 2 game types offer hours of fun.

Bloxorz Free Game

Complete all 33 stages. The object of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage.

Prizma Puzzle Challenge Free Game

Prizma Puzzle Challenge
Take on new challenges is the latest node light up puzzle game from the Prizma Puzzle Series.

Mass Attack

Balance the two platforms by adding weights of different sizes.

The Impossible Quiz Flash Game

The Impossible Quiz
You'll need to think 'out of the box' in this puzzling flash game. See if you're smart enough to finish this quiz.

Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2

find the right order of steps necessary to take a blank ball and end up with the appropriately designed ball.


Featured Puzzle Game

Gem Collect

Gem Collect Free Game

Developer: Wolf Games
Connect 3 or more of the same type of gems together in a row to collect the jewels and score points. Gem Collect contains 30 levels of increasing difficulty including 6 bonus rounds. Play


More Great Flash Puzzle Games

Grow Valley Flash Game

Grow Valley
Turn an empty valley into a thriving town by using the seven resources you have in this simulation game.

Prisma Puzzle

Prisma Puzzle

Plot your way to the finish in each level within the given amount of jumps.

Calculate Genius Free Game

Calculate Genius
No counting, no equations, just estimate your answer to each challenge as quickly as possible.

Wheel It Flash Game

Wheel It
A fun puzzle game that requires the player to position a number of gears into the correct slots.



Rearrange the vertices (blue circles) on the board to eliminate any overlapping edges.

Boomshine Free Online Flash Game


Use you mouse to click on a floating circle. Each level gets more difficult by requiring you to create chain reactions.

Squares 2 Free Online Flash Game

Squares 2

Move the black box around with your mouse to collect the other floating black blocks and avoiding the red blocks.



Whats In The Box Free Puzzle Platform Game

Whats In The Box
Each level in this game is mini-puzzle which provides a graphical clue to solving it and opening the box.

Yellow Free Puzzle Game

Each level in Yellow contains a hidden mechanism for turning the screen yellow, and it is up to the player to find it.

Callidus Free Puzzle Platform Game

Move the character and magical objects with the mouse to provide a safe platform to find the exit door in each level.

Ruder Free Game

Grow and shrink shapes by uniting small shapes with large shapes. Aim and shoot cannon balls at the shapes.

Sliceee Free Game

Slice up the shapes to remove them off the screen. Remove all shapes before you run out of slices to pass the level.

Cat Food Free Game

Cat Food
Remove the platforms at the right time and in the right order get your cat to the fish.

Building Demolisher Free Game

Building Demolisher
Position the wrecking ball in the right position and let it fall. Different balls are used for different materials.

Hack Free Game

Each cell has a number indicating the power, the higher this number, the more points the cell can transfer.

Netbots Free Game

The netbot combinations are indicated in the left panel, use all the netbots on the screen to make the connections.

Clickazoid 2 Free Game

Clickazoid 2
Match expanding shapes before touching different shapes or the walls in this skills based puzzle game.

Space Disposal Free Game

Space Disposal
Evade enemies and watch out for laser doors as you dispose of radioactive waste. Move your missile through the maze.

Wood Worker Free Game

Wood Worker
Successfully place all the items without losing any of them. Stack all the items the right way so that nothing falls.

Binga 2 Free Game

Binga 2
Figure out what you need to do to pass each level as quickly as possible in this fast paced puzzle game.

Snoring 2 Wild West Free Game

Snoring 2 Wild West
Wake up the elephant and stop his deafening snoring. Each animal has a different function.

Monster Bark Free Game

Monster Bark
Help Bark the dog retrieve his friends from the monster vortex in the ultimate monster-maze puzzle adventure.

Blosics 3 Free Game

Blosics 3
Tumble blocks in as few tries as possible in the demolition physics puzzle shooting game Blosics 3.

Rubble Trouble Free Game

Rubble Trouble NY
Each level provides different tools, some limited others unlimited, and you must destroy the entire building.

Doodle God 2 Flash Game

Doodle God 2
Start with all the elements from the first game already created or start from scratch and mix and match as you please.

Perfect Balance Flash Game

Perfect Balance 3
Balance the shapes in this new sequel to the popular puzzle physics game Perfect Balance.

Interlocked Flash Game

Disassemble the different puzzle cubes. Unlock all the pieces of each puzzle block to advance.

Splitter Flash Game

Use your knife to split through certain objects enabling the ball to go through the hole in this free puzzle game.

Cargo Bridge 3 Xmas Flash Game

Cargo Bridge 3 Xmas
Build structurally sound bridges in order to transport the Christmas presents back to the sleigh.

Doodle God Flash Game

Doodle God
Starting out with only the four basic elements; water, fire, air and earth. Mix the elements to create new ones.

Castle Destroyer Flash Game

Castle Destroyer
Demolition style physics game. Click and drag your mouse to cut through the beams and cause a structural collapse.

Gem Rush Flash Game

Gem Rush
Launch five projectiles per round in an attempt to clear as many gems from the screen as possible in this flash game.

Cargo Bridge Armor Edition Flash Game

Cargo Bridge Armor
Watch the faithful workers attempt to transport their cargo across the bridges that you build for them.

Demolition City 2 Flash Game

Demolition City 2
Place explosives in the correct positions along the support beams to demolish the building to the ground.

Copy Cat Flash Game

Copy Cat
Copy the image onto your canvas using the stencils provided for each level and a primary paint pallette to use.

Zyl Flash Game

Drop the ball at the appropriate time to reach the hole at the bottom and avoid the spinning obstacles.

Demolition City Flash Game

Demolition City
Unique Flash game that combines the accurate Box2D physics engine with the fun of blowing things up.

Incredibots 2 Flash Game

Incredibots 2
Mechanical sandbox using realistic physics to provide the player with the tools necessary to build cars, tanks, machines.

Cargo Bridge Flash Game

Cargo Bridge

Build a sturdy enough bridge to transport the workers and their cargo across.

Faze Puzzle Flash Game


Guide the laser to the exit by dragging the blocks provided into the correct positions.

Civballs Physics Puzzle Game


Physics game that has the player to breaking chains and sending the red and green balls into their appropriate canisters.

Dreams Difference Game


Follow the story of a girl falling asleep in class and entering a dream world filled with strange and colorful apparitions.

Buggle Connect

Buggle Connect

Multiplayer game which consists of ten rounds where the goal is to end up with the most buggle connections.

99 Bricks

99 Bricks

Build a highest tower that you can using familiar tetris pieces.



Complete each level igniting the torches in the room.

Levers Game Free Online Flash Game

Levers Game

Im not sure if this game has an ending, but it certainly is challenging and fun to play.

Dynamic Systems 2 Free Puzzle Game

Dynamic Systems 2
Complete each level by guiding the metal ball into the bucket. Place the correct sequence of components.

3d Logic 2 Free Puzzle Platform Game

3D Logic 2
Connect the same colored squares by clicking on a color and dragging the mouse around the cube. Link pairs.

Folds Free Origami Puzzle Platform Game

Fold the paper into the required shape shown by the dotted lines. Achieve accurate origami to complete the level.

Z Rox Brain Game Free Online Flash Game

Fantastic Contraption

Physics based game requiring player to create customized devices using moving components to achieve goals.



Duplicate the pattern shown to accomplish each level.

Biogems Free Game

Defeat your enemies by matching gems. Choose your creature on Bioplanet Prime and save it from invaders.

Cursor 10 Second Edition

Cursor: Second Edition

Cooperate with your previous cursors and make it to the top floor by finding and clicking the staircase on each level.

Chromatica Puzzle Game


Move shapes around to create lines of 4 or more to remove them from the board.



Bounce the cursor off of the barriers in the right order to reach the exit.

Light Up The Christmas Tree

Light Up The Xmas Tree

Turn on all of the lights on the Christmas tree by rotating the circuits to make a closed connection.

The Equator (Math)

Your objective in this game is to make simple mathematical equations.



Crystal Constallations Free Gem Puzzle Platform Game

Crystal Constallations
Draw lines through gems to remove them from the board. Remove all of the barrier gems before the time runs out.

Rullo Free Brain Puzzle Platform Game

Select the numbers in each row and column that add up to the total marked at the top and along the side of the board.

Axon Free Game

Axon simulates actual neuron development in the brain. Neurons make connections by growing axons to other cells.

Simple Motions Free Game

Simple Motions
Collect stars and make it to the end in this puzzle trigger game. Place triggers to direct the ball.

Spirit Fencer Free Game

Spirit Fencer
Help Lugh retrieve his wife from mysterious shadow creatures in this puzzle RPG.

Atomic Puzzle 2 Free Game

Atomic Puzzle 2
Clear every level by predicting the merging of the molecules. Eliminate all the atoms in the correct order.

Inflate Us 2 Free Game

Inflate Us 2
Use timing and logic skills to collect the beakers and save blue and green blocks, while eliminating the red blocks.

MegaCity Free Game

Place housing and apartment developments to accumulate points and expand your city.

Gold Rush Puzzle Free Game

Gold Rush Puzzle
Clear blocks by clicking three or more blocks of the same color.

Subtle Energy 2 Free Game

Subtle Energy 2
Objects will direct the particles differently. Match the right color particles with the right chakras in this puzzle game.

Construction Breaker Free Game

Construction Breaker Game
Come up with a strategy to break down all the block constructions in each level in this gravity puzzle game.

 Cars vs Zombies Free Game

Cars vs. Zombies
Run over all the zombies. Use timing, puzzle solving skills, and physics to eliminate all the zombies.

Tasty Planet Dino Time Free Game

Tasty Planet Dino Time
Start as a small grey goo created by an experiment with nano-technology.

Wizards Puzzle War Free Game

Wizards Puzzle War
Fight your enemies and reduce their life to zero. Find the longest path of the same blocks in the puzzle.

Wrecking Ball Physics Free Game

Wrecking Ball Physics
Satisfy any destructive urges by joining a crane operator and his wrecking ball to bring down buildings.

Death To Trolls Flash Game

Death to Trolls
Remove the striped yellow blocks in the right order and timing to knock the troll into the water.

Rebus 2 Flash Game

Rebus 2
Try to figure out each word riddle in this puzzle game and advance through all 30 levels. A fast fun brain teaser game.

Virble Flash Game

Virble is a challenging word puzzle game: Turn all of the blue tiles into orange tiles by making words with them.

Chicken House Flash Game

Chicken House
Crack all of the chickens and eggs by breaking the blocks and support columns in the correct order.

Pencil Madness Flash Game

Pencil Madness
This drawing game offers some original pencil strokes that can allow you to make a masterpiece.

Corporation Inc Flash Game

Corporation Inc.
Build from the ground up and run your very own 'push button' company in this fun business simulation game.

Adapt or Die Flash Game

Adapt or Die
Expand your hive by gaining control of neighboring cells. Evolve your bots and grow your population.

EON Flash Game

A visually stimulating particle-based physics game. The objective is to place gravity wells around giant gas stars.

Perfect Balance 2 Flash Game

Perfect Balance 2
Drag and drop the shapes provided in each level in such a way to balance all of the pieces on top of the base.

Click Play 2 Flash Game

Click Play 2
A great brain-teaser which combines a mix of puzzles with straight-forward and unorthodox solutions.

Red Ball 2 Flash Game

Red Ball 2
A fun physics puzzle game which has the player rolling and jumping a small red ball through 20+ levels.

Civiballs 2 Flash Game

Civiballs 2
Civiballs 2 includes many new levels with increasing difficulty which can keep the player entertained for some time.

Fat Slice Flash Game

Fat Slice

Carve away the picture into slices while avoiding the bouncing balls. Fat Slice is a fun and addicting game.

Meeblings 2 Flash Game

Meeblings 2

New levels, updated graphics, and new kinds of meeblings. Use the meeblings unique special abilities to progress.

Exploit Hacking Game


Hack into various computer systems by sending packets through ports and hitting the green root node.

Assembler 3 Physics Game

Assembler 3

Rotate objects in order to position the green box inside the green square.

The Dragon And The Wizard Difference Game

The Dragon And Wizard

Spot the differences between the two pictures. Fantasy theme with great original artwork.

Spin N Match

Spin N Match

Rotate the game pieces within the white bracket to match the given puzzle pattern for each level.

Block Drop Puzzle Game

Block Drop Puzzle Game

Pass each level by jumping the gem from block to block and leaving only the checkered block remaining.

Open Doors Blueprint Logic Game

Open Doors Logic Game

Navigate the white box through each set of architectural blueprints to reach the "X" mark.

Spin The Black Circle

Spin The Black Circle

Rotate the playfield clockwise or counter-clockwise to direct the ball to the goal while avoiding spikes and other pitfalls.

Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2

Play through 40 levels of super stacking action. Stack each piece in the correct way to create and maintain balance.

Through Walls

Through Walls

Rotate the given 3D block pattern until it fits through the corresponding wall.



Use the meeblings unique special abilities to progress through this colorful puzzle game.



Excellent physics based game offers an open-ended building environment for working virtual robots and machines.

Contour Puzzle Game Free Online Flash Game

Contour Puzzle Game

Nicely designed game which includes lots of fun levels to play and a detailed level editor to make your own.

Z Rox Brain Game Free Online Flash Game

Z Rox Brain Game

Amasingly fun game, brilliant idea, addictive and challenging.

Gooballs Free Puzzle Game

Connect the same colored goo balls by launching them from the goo tube. Clear the screen to complete each level.

Night Flies Free Puzzle Game

Night Flies
Provide an open path for the light seeking bugs to pick up and place circular lanterns into sockets by moving objects.

Viaduct Designer Free Puzzle Game

Viaduct Designer
Fill in the missing section of the railroad track by building a sturdy train bridge. Drive across to pass each level.

Icebreaker Free Puzzle Game

Rescue the trapped vikings from the ice and getting them into their boat. Click and drag to slice through the ice.

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