Gun Cars 2

Drive cars, shoot weapons and launch specials. Race around nine tracks to crash, smash, and blast your way to victory.


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Gun Cars 2 Demolition Racing Game

Gun Cars 2

Gun Cars 2

Free Driving Racing Games
Developer: Wolf Games

Game Overview:
Compete in a deathmatch demolition racing tournament against unique computer opponents. All of the vehicles from the original have been updated and five new cars have been added. The cars are now completely destructible and the special effects have been improved. Choose from 12 vehicles ranging from dune buggy to monster truck, all of which have distinct advantages and special weapons.

There are nine tracks that range between four and five laps of destruction derby mayhem. Total score for each level is based on a combination of life remaining, battle points, and time bonus. An important new attribute of each car is the 'open doors' stat, which represents the chances of opening the moving doors that are integrated into many of the levels. The computer controlled cars are programmed to maintain a balance between demolition battle and completing laps.

Weapons must be picked up before they can be used. Drive over a weapon icon to pick it up. One weapon can be equipped at one time. Press Z or K to shoot, X or L to use special weapons.

Controls / How To Play:
Up Arrow = Accelerate
Down Arrow = Brake
Left / Right Arrow Keys = Steer Car
Z = Shoot
X = Special


Gun Cars 2 Control Diagram

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