Top 100 New Flash Games

Dead Samurai 2 Sword Duel Game

Dead Samurai 2
Improved combat system with individual character fighting styles. Super combos and new bonus rounds offer weapon upgrades.

Quarterback Football 2 Free Game

Quarterback Football 2016
Five throws to hit interactive targets, balloons, and coins. Levels are designed as miniature puzzles to to hit all targets.

GunBlood Western Shootout Flash Game

GunBlood - Western Shootout
GunBlood pits your reflexes against nine computer opponents in one-on-one gun fights and includes four bonus rounds.

Still Alive Free Shooting Game

Still Alive
Still Alive is a well balanced shooting defense game. Starting with a 9mm pistol, defend the hut from the walking undead.

The Awakening Free RPG Game

The Awakening
Traverse many diverse areas of land and geography. This includes cities and towns with inns, shops, and interactive inhabitants.

Steam Pilgrim Free Game

Steam Pilgrim
Complete missions in the Forbidden lands in this birds-eye shooting game. Shoot at crates and kill enemies for bonus points.

New Star Soccer Free Game

New Star Soccer
Embark on an exciting football career in this RPG soccer game. You can also play arcade mode to just play soccer, or practice.

Master Blaster Free Game

Master Blaster
Crush other vehicles with your monster truck and make them explode. Gain points for optimal destruction without crashing.

Next Please Free Game

Next, Please!
Help creatures cooperate and make it to the surface in this platform puzzle game. Retrieve keys and other objects to make it to the end.

Super Pig Free Game

Super Pig
Reveal each level with the blood splatter of your failed attempts and save piggy's girlfriend.

Decision Free Game

Take back a zombie ridden city one area at a time in this top down RPG shooter. Free the city from zombies by making the danger lower.

When I Was Young Free Game

When I Was Young
Turn back time to run faster and jump higher as you collect sand and sand glasses. Avoid enemies and spikes.

Room Raider Free Game

Room Raider
Shoot monsters and avoid obstacles to reach the transporting portal. Clear as many rooms as possible in each attempt.

Monster Truck vs Forest Free Game

Monster Truck vs Forest
Destroy the forest and all its creatures with your monster truck. Unlock new monster trucks as you complete more levels.

Crash Them All Free Game

Crash Them All
Crash your car and trigger explosions for more points. Drive your car into all other vehicles to pass the level.

Working Stiffs Free Game

Working Stiffs
A coworker opened an e-mail attachment during a firewall breach, infecting all the computers and turning most workers into zombies.

The Fairyland Massacre Free Game

The Fairyland Massacre
In the year 3072 Earth is at war with the planet Narubi, and you have been selected to complete an important mission.

Defend the Castle Free Game

Defend the Castle
Your kingdom is under attack, you must use your archer skills and shoot down hoards of zombies.

Dinosaur Hunter Free Game

Dinosaur Hunter
Earn money by shooting dinosaurs and delivering eggs. Wait for the eggs to come down the conveyer belt at the beginning of the level.

Drake in Wonderland Competition Free Game

Drake in Wonderland
Breath fire and jump your way through the levels in this side scrolling platform upgrade game. Collect green crystals.

Dragon Quest Free Game

Dragon Quest
Make it through each level of the dragon's lair to rescue your horse in this puzzle adventure game.

The Paint Gunner Free Game

The Paint Gunner
Everyone in your factory is trapped in the party room, use your paint gun to save them.

Hungry Ducks Free Game

Hungry Ducks
Feed the hungry yellow ducks and destroy red ducks. Select food or bombs to launch at the right targets to gain points.

Monsters TD Free Game

Monsters TD
Build towers along the path of the monsters to prevent them from entering the portal to your world.

Building Demolisher Free Game

Building Demolisher
Position the wrecking ball in the right position and let it fall. Different balls are used for different materials.

Desert Fighter Free Game

Desert Fighter
Its the year 2095, you must wipe out sandmen vehicles as you help a gas tanker make its way across the desert.

Duck Life 4 Free Game

Duck Life 4
Train and feed your duck to become the fastest racer. Gain money for upgrades, train your duck to compete in races.

10 Bullets Free Game

10 Bullets
Utilize your ten bullets wisely, wait for the perfect shot to trigger a chain reaction that will blow the screen with massive explosions.

Memohuntress Free Game

Raise money to return to your home village by completing search quests in this fetch game.

Spectromancer 2 Free Game

Spectromancer 2
Summon creature and spells to defeat opponent mages by combining features of computer games and collection card games.

Sports Heads Football Championship Free Game

Sports Heads Football CE
Compete in the world cup championships with your favorite football players in this sports game.

Fairway Solitaire Free Game

Fairway Solitaire
Solitaire becomes a puzzle in a golf-solitaire hybrid. Play sequential cards to create long runs to make long drives for better scores.

Baseball Smash Free Game

Baseball Smash
Use aiming and timing techniques to hit the baseball in the right direction to destroy as many objects as possible.

Effing Fruits Free Game

Effing Fruits
Uncooperative fruits are running amok in the juice factory and attacking the blender, you must capture and juice them.

My Dino and Me Free Game

My Dino and Me
With the help of your dino, kill all the alien snails and feed him the shells. Upgrade shooting game.

Lava Climber Free Game

Lava Climber
Outrun the rising lava and save your love in Lava Climber. Climb higher and higher as the laval risers, avoid dangerous obstacles.

Epic Stand Free Game

Epic Stand
Reign magic spells from the sky over forces of smelly attacking hordes. Play as a sorcerer and protect your castle.

Arzea Free Game

You have been left for dead in a giant cave, collect spells and power-ups as you navigate this treacherous land and escape.

Dead Zed Free Game

Dead Zed
You woke up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you must survive the next 40 days when help will arrive.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 Puzzle Free Game

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 4
Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate guitar maniac? Play 16 songs in pro or amateur and unlock 14 guitars.

Kung Fu Grandpa Free Game

Kung Fu Grandpa
Help grandpa fight all the scum bags in his neighborhood and earn money in this fighting game.

Netbots Free Game

The netbot combinations are indicated in the left panel, use all the netbots on the screen to make the connections.

Splitman Free Game

Beat evert level in the alternate universe to thwart an evil villain's plan for world domination.

Space Disposal Free Game

Space Disposal
Evade enemies and watch out for laser doors as you dispose of radioactive waste. Move your missile through the maze.

Gold Rush Puzzle Free Game

Gold Rush Puzzle
Clear blocks by clicking three or more blocks of the same color. If any blocks are left over at the end of the level, game over.

Adventure Story Free Game

Adventure Story
Explore and kill all enemies while collecting coins and bonuses. Collect all 100 coins and find all 10 treasure chests in each level.

Mr Vengeance 2 Free Game

Mr. Vengeance 2
You are now on the tracks of Jack Fiero, one of the biggest mafia bosses, but first you must find Joe Brown.

Cursed Treasure Free Game

Cursed Treasure
Place orc, undead or demon powered defense towers to defend gems. Build towers along the road, towers will shoot at the enemies.

Crusade 2 Free Game

Crusade 2
Aim and shoot your cannon at soldiers and barricades to infiltrate the castle. Take down your obstacle in as few tries as possible.

Snow Surfing Free Game

Snow Surfing Game
Ride your snowboard to the bottom of the slope without falling, and perform enough stunts for enough points.

William and Sly 2 Free Game

William and Sly 2
As a fox help your human friend William out by retrieving all of his journal pages. Gnomes have scattered the pages.

Stickman Freeride Free Game

Stickman Freeride
Test out your BMX skills in this race with the clock upgrade game. Try out different tracks and finish them as quickly as possible.

IVE Free Game

Help a secret agent escape the Magnaterra research centre in this platform fighting game. The first phase of her mission was a success

Gibbets 3 Free Game

Gibbets 3
Save all the people in each level by disconnecting the rope with your arrow. The hanging people only have so much time left to live.

Electro Man 2 Free Game

Electric Man 2
Stickman fighting game. Combine martial arts, street fighting, and super-stickman powers to wipe out your opponents.

Straw Hat Samurai 2 Flash Game

Straw Hat Samurai 2
Face new enemies, new bosses, and utilize new moves in this platform samurai sword fighting game. Use your mouse to slash.

Gun Cars Driving Flash Game

Gun Cars
Pick up weapons and destroy your opponent in this driving shooting demolition derby game. 8 different cars and one or two player modes.


Dead Samurai Free Game

Dead Samurai
Battle against nine dangerous samurai to perfect your sword fighting skills. Eight stances and over 40 attacks to create combos.

Flashs Bounty Free RPG Game

Flash's Bounty
Journey across the land. Build your army by hiring various classes of soldiers, archers, mercenaries, mages, and warriors.

Earn To Die Part 2 Free Driving Upgrade Game

Earn To Die Part 2
Customize your truck for purpose built and survival driven zombie smashing mayhem. Add spikes, guns, armored wheels and more.

Zombie Motherland Free Shooting Game

Zombie Motherland
Zombies have invaded russia and your house to being overrun by these mindless brain eaters. Build your boat to escape the hordes.

Rogue Soul 2 Free Platform Game

Rogue Soul 2
Side scrolling action at its best. Super fast gameplay requires the player to be responsive in making many decisions at once.

Gatuno in Halloween Free Game

Gatuno in Halloween
Collect and combine items to navigate your way through the witches quarters to be reunited with a furry friend.

Gem Collect Free Game

Gem Collect
Connect 3 gems together in a row to collect the jewels and score points. 30 levels of increasing difficulty with 6 bonus rounds.

Super Sergeant Shooter 3 Free Game

Super Sergeant Shooter 3
Shoot soldiers and zombies as you try to survive in this first person shooter. Collect ammo, health bonuses, and weapons.

Worlds Guard Tower Defense Free Game

Worlds Guard Tower Defense
Survive through each unique world by preventing bugs and other enemies from passing. Strategically use robotic defenses.

Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack Free Game

Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack
Swing the rag doll from rope to rope without it being destroyed in this arcade game. Swing and avoid objects.

Axon Free Game

Axon simulates actual neuron development in the brain. Neurons make connections by growing axons to other cells.

Ruder Free Game

Grow and shrink shapes by uniting small shapes with large shapes. Aim and shoot cannon balls at the shapes.

Achilles II Origin of a Legend Free Game

Achilles II: Origin of a Legend
Spear, slice, and kick severed heads at your enemies in this fighting game. You can pick up spears from fallen enemies.

Dream of the Ocean Free Game

Dream of the Ocean
Shoot at enemies in this underwater shooting distance game. Run along the bottom of the ocean as you shoot at cubes.

Magic Steel Free Game

Magic Steel
Prevent the apocalypse and blast away enemies in this platform game. Hit your enemies before they can shoot at you.

Space is Key 2 Free Game

Space is Key 2
Test out your timing skills in this simple yet challenging arcade game. You will have to jump your block at just the right time.

Simple Motions Free Game

Simple Motions
Use your strategy skills to collect stars and make it to the end in this puzzle trigger game. Place triggers to direct the ball.

Im Flying To The Moon Free Game

I'm Flying To The Moon
Make it to the moon in as few days as possible by upgrading your rocket and avoiding blimps, balloons, and UFO's.

Mega Mash Free Game

Mega Mash
Switch between gameplay styles as you make it though levels. Each level has different combinations of game styles.

Disk and World RPG Free Game

Disk & World RPG
Search for treasure chests as you take on enemies in rock paper scissor. Beat enemies to access treasure chests and level up.

Brain Buffet Free Game

Brain Buffet
The tables are turned as you attack humans and eat their brains in this zombie game. Avoid being shot by police.

Bomb Diver Free Game

Bomb Diver
Use your grenade launcher to protect your city. Use your jetpack to collect ammunition as you parachute to your city.

Jump Goober Jump Free Game

Jump Goober Jump
Defeat all three worlds by jumping to the top of each level. Reunite with all the other goobers at the top of the level without falling.

Sliceee Free Game

Slice up the shapes to remove them off the screen. Remove all shapes before you run out of slices to pass the level.

Shoot the Aliens Free Game

Shoot the Aliens
Shoot all the aliens that stole the cowboy's whiskey. Kill every alien before you run out of ammo to pass the level.

Spirit Fencer Free Game

Spirit Fencer
Help Lugh retrieve his wife from mysterious shadow creatures in this puzzle RPG. Maintain your armor and energy levels.

Range Man Free Game

Range Man
Jump through levels killing enemies and collecting coins in this retro arcade game.

Cat Food Free Game

Cat Food
Remove the platforms at the right time and in the right order get your cat to the fish.

Goon Free Game

Defeat your opponents in hockey fights in this fighting game. Play as a hockey enforcer that will fight to the death for his team.

Tiny Airships Free Game

Tiny Airships
Your home city, Metrocadia, has fallen to the Tyrian Imperial navy, you must escape while you destroy enemy ships.

The Summoning Free Game

The Summoning
Play as an evil sorcerer wiping out all human settlements while upgrading your spells and army.

Atomic Puzzle 2 Free Game

Atomic Puzzle 2
Clear every level by predicting the merging of the molecules. Eliminate all the atoms in the correct order.

Zombies Inc Free Game

Zombies Inc.
Hire zombies, enlist workers for your army, and manage a company where world domination is the mission statement.

TowerCraft Free Game

Challenge your tower defense skills and stop the advancement of evil armies. Fight against defeat as you face waves of enemies.

Indi Cannon Free Game

Indi Cannon
Aim your cannon to collect all the coins to beat all 30 levels. Shoot Indi to collect all the coins, use objects in the level.

Shopping Cart Hero 3 Free Game

Shopping Cart Hero 3
Launch the stickman as far as possible. Gain points based on distance, height, style, and tricks.

Ruperts Zombie Diary Free Game

Ruperts Zombie Diary
An evil wizard has mastered the book of the dead and is using the evil power to take over London. Fight the undead minions.

New York Shark Free Game

New York Shark
Eat and destroy everything you can in this awesome destruction game. Eat fish, octopus, humans, boats, whatever you can.

Castle Commander Free Game

Castle Commander
You are the only heir to the kingdom of Davana, which is sinking, you must lead your people to higher ground.

Ambush Free Game

Place units strategically to shoot at the invading enemy and earn stars for upgrades.

Inflate Us 2 Free Game

Inflate Us 2
Use timing and logic skills to collect the beakers and save blue and green blocks, while eliminating the red blocks.

Neon Race 2 Free Game

Neon Race 2.0
Race at super speeds while dodging some cars and colliding with others in this upgrade racing game.

Bloom Defender Free Game

Bloom Defender
Mother Nature takes the form of a giant tree called Mother Tree that you must defend in Bloom Defender.

Trick Shot Billiards Flash Game

Trick Shot Billiards
Includes 30 levels plus an easy to use level editor which allows players from around the world to create and share custom levels.

Hambo 2 Free Game

Hambo 2
Aim and shoot different weapons at the pig mobsters, you have a limited amount of ammo, so make each shot count.

Frizzle Fraz 2 Free Game

Frizzle Fraz 2
As a Frizzle, your mode of transportation is bouncing. Bounce your way over spikes and slime to the end of the level.

Hack Free Game

Each cell has a number indicating the power of this cell, the higher this number, the more points the cell can transfer per second.

Sky Defender Joes Story Free Game

Sky Defender: Joe's Story
Your castle in the sky is under attack, you must shoot down attackers and upgrade your defenses.

Vanish Rain Free Game

Vanish Rain
A zombie virus has swept the city and everyone must evacuate. Wait for your brother and fend off zombies for 15 days.

Heavy Pawnage Free Game

Heavy Pawnage
The drones have rebelled, don the combat armor and destroy them in this upgrade shooting game.

Mr Bree Returning Home Free Game

Mr. Bree: Returning Home
A piggy named Mr. Bree has fallen on his head and can't remember anything, help him find pieces of his memory and make it home.

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing Free Game

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing
Beat all the other hot rods and earn money to customize your car. Place at least fourth in each race to unlock the next track.

Dinosaurs and Meteors Free Game

Dinosaurs and Meteors
Prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs by shooting the falling meteors. Meteors of different sizes are falling from the sky.

MegaCity Free Game

Place housing and apartment developments to accumulate points and expand your city.

Rollercoaster Creator Free Game

Rollercoaster Creator
Draw or place pre-designed parts to allow the roller coaster to collect all the coins and make it to the end.

Clickazoid 2 Free Game

Clickazoid 2
Match expanding shapes before touching different shapes or the walls in this skills based puzzle game.

This is the Only Level 3 Free Game

This is the Only Level 3
Follow the directions closely to reach the pipe. Beat each challenge as quickly as possible without dying.

Paper Penguins Free Game

Paper Penguins
Punch penguins into the sky so that they fall and destroy ships and helicopters in this paper style arcade game.

Pandemic 2 Free Game

Pandemic 2
Create a virus and develop it into a pandemic killer in Pandemic 2. First, select a virus, bacteria, or parasite.

Codename Indigo Free Game

Codename Indigo
You are the last survivor of your team, you must infiltrate the enemy and defeat them all. Use barricades and dodge attacks.

Awesome Tanks Free Game

Awesome Tanks
Battle multiple tanks in each level, destroy all the tanks, turrets and tank factories to beat all 15 levels in Awesome Tanks.

Hands of War Tower Defense Free Game

Hands of War Tower Defense
Unite the seven factions and defend your nation against the invading force in this RPG tower defense game.

Last Stand Union City Free Game

The Last Stand Union City
In the latest in The Last Stand Series fight off zombies in Union City and save your wife.

Epic Battle Fantasy Free Game

Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Embark on a new adventure with Matt, Natalie and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and help them regain their stolen powers.

Plazma Burst 2 Flash Game

Plazma Burst 2
Plazma Burst 2 has improved weapons with upgrades and character customization, smarter enemies with better explosions.

Android Soccer Flash Game

Android Soccer 1.8
Soccer Shoot-Out game. Try to rack up as many points as you can by out-smarting the goaltender and hitting the targets.

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