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New Driving / Racing Games

Mad Trucker 2 Free Driving Game

Mad Trucker 2
Successfully drive 100 miles in the fewest number of days. Unlock achievements and upgrade the truck.

Bike Master Dirtbike Flash Game

Bike Master

Drive the dirtbike over obstacles to make it to the finish line without crashing.

I Love Traffic Flash Game

I Love Traffic

Avoid accidents by directing traffic through the intersection safely. If two oncoming vehicles collide the game is over.

Drag Racer V3

Drag Racer V3

Race against computer opponents in this amasing drag racing game.

Hang On

The recreation of the Sega classic features four tracks with each track having five checkpoints.

Hit The Road Flash Game

Hit The Road

Fun game where the goal is to safely organize traffic by controlling the action of pedestrians and cars.


Featured Driving Game

Gun Cars 2

Gun Cars 2 Free Driving Game

Developer: Wolf Games
Game Overview:
Compete in a deathmatch demolition racing tournament against unique computer opponents. All of the vehicles from the original have been updated and five new cars have been added.. Play Game


More Great Flash Driving Games

Gun Cars Driving Flash Game

Gun Cars
Pick up weapons and destroy your opponent in this driving shooting demolition derby game. 8 different cars.

BMX Master Flash BMX Game

BMX Master

Perform combinations of tricks to compete for hi-scores in this BMX bike game.

Slide Racing Flash Game

Slide Racing
Win races, get sponsored, and upgrade your car to become the champion on all 8 different tracks in this fun RC game.

Kill Kar 2 Flash Game

Kill Kar 2: Revenge
Drive around an arena running over and shooting enemies to complete each round. Earn money to buy upgrades.

A Crow In Hell 2

A Crow In Hell 2

Once again the crow is stuck in hell and must get out. Avoid traps and winding tunnels.

Hell Cops Flash Game

Hell Cops

Navigate the broken city landscape in a futuristic police car while crushing cars, trucks and unsuspecting pedestrians.

BMX Park Biking Free Online Flash Game

BMX Park Bike Game

See how many points you can score in 2 minutes by performing tricks such as jumping, flipping and spinning.



Super Chase 3D Free Driving Game

Super Chase 3D
Outrun the cops by making it to the escape point within a certain time limit. Unlock new cars and race on 3D tracks.

Monster Race 3D Free Driving Game

Monster Race 3D
Race against computer controlled monster trucks while hitting jumps for extra points in this excellent 3D racing game.

Mario Cart 3D Free Platform Game

Mario Cart 3D
Race familiar characters in shopping carts on four different 3D tracks. Career mode, single race, time trials.

Earn To Die Part 2 Free Driving Upgrade Game

Earn To Die Part 2
Customize your truck for survival driven zombie smashing mayhem. Add spikes, guns, and more.

Monster Truck vs Forest Free Game

Monster Truck vs Forest
Destroy the forest and all its creatures with your monster truck. Unlock new trucks as you complete more levels.

Dinosaur Hunter Free Game

Dinosaur Hunter
Earn money by shooting dinosaurs and delivering eggs. Wait for the eggs to come down the conveyer belt.

Freeway Fury 2 Free Game

Freeway Fury 2
Jump to different vehicles to get ahead faster or to avoid bursting into flames. Be careful not to miss and hit the road.

Madness Ambulation Flash Game

Madness Ambulation
Protect your vehicle from damage and kill as many enemy agents as possible in this drive and shoot game.

Hover Kart Battle Multiplayer Flash Game

Hover Kart Battle
Race around the track collecting weapons and powerups to destroy your opponents. Online multiplayer.

Death Racers Flash Game

Death Racers
Battle car racing with nicely rendered 3D backgrounds, cool weapons, and four different cars to choose from.

Icycle Flash Game

Ride your BMX through the icy cold landscape collecting bubbles while avoiding spikes and other obstacles.

Zombie Taxi 2 Flash Game

Zombie Taxi 2
Drive your car around the city saving people from the flesh hungry zombies..Earn money and Upgrade your vehicle.

Drift Runners Racing Game

Drift Runners
Race against the computer while collecting stars, smashing obstacles, and sliding around corners.

King Of Drift Flash Game

King Of Drift
King of Drift has to be hands down one of the best Flash racing games ever made.

Airport Madness 2 Flash Game

Airport Madness 2
Direct air traffic into and out of the airport by signaling the airplanes to land, fly around, taxi the runway, or take off.

Santa Rider Flash Game

Santa Rider
Help Santa Claus collect the presents by dirt biking through the north pole in the festive flash game.

Rollercoaster Rush Free Online Driving Game Screenshot

Rollercoaster Rush

Your job is to keep the ride safe for the passengers while making the experience as exciting as possible!

Mad Trucker Free Driving Game

Mad Trucker
Earn an excellent safety record by navigating the 18 wheeler down the highway. Pick up gas and food.

T-Zero Turbo X

T-Zero Turbo X

Upgrade your car and race on a variety of tracks against computer controlled opponents.

Truck Launch Maniac Flash Game

Truck Launch Maniac
Start off with a basic truck and drive it off a ramp into a landscape filled with bombs, signs, and coins.

Hit The Road 2 Flash Game

Hit The Road 2
Safely guide a certain number of cars through the intersection while avoiding accidents to pass each level.

Crow In Hell Flash Game

Crow In Hell 3
Third installment of the Crow In Hell series. Navigate the crow through the tunnel by avoiding walls and other obstacles.

A Crow In Hell

A Crow In Hell

Shot by a farmer off a perch down into a deep well. Are you alive or dead? Can you find your way out of this well?

Missile Game 3D

The object of this game is to control the flying missile down the hallway of spinning obstacles.

Master Blaster Free Game

Master Blaster
Crush other vehicles with your monster truck and make them explode. Gain points for optimal destruction.



Coaster Racer 3 Free Driving Game

Coaster Racer 3
There are three types of vehicles including a buggy, motorcycle, and race car. Upgrade your vehicle.

Motor Beast Free Driving Game

Motor Beast
Blaze across the landscape in an upgraded classic car to reach the garage in one piece. Perform stunts, collect coins.

Coaster Racer 2 Free Driving Game

Coaster Racer 2
Race against computer opponents on ten different tracks. Choose between a car or motorcycle to upgrade.

Crash Them All Free Game

Crash Them All
Crash your car and trigger explosions for more points. Drive your car into all other vehicles to pass the level.

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing Free Game

Rod Hots Hot Rod Racing
Beat all the other hot rods and earn money to customize your car. Place at least fourth in each race.

Earn to Die Free Game

Earn to Die
Kill zombies, Traverse the desert, and get to your escape helicopter. Buy a vehicle and drive it as far as you can.

Stickman Freeride Free Game

Stickman Freeride
Test out your BMX skills in this race with the clock upgrade game. Try out different tracks and finish them quickly.

Stunt Crazy Flash Game

Stunt Crazy
Explode through the movie set with your upgraded stunt car to achieve the best spectacle possible.

Road of the Dead Flash Game

Road of the Dead
Drive the highway through the desolated city while avoiding obstacles and running over the walking dead.

Monster Truck Destroyer Flash Game

Monster Truck Destroyer
Monster Truck Destroyer is a fun obstacle driving game where you take control and crush everything in your path.

Fast Track Flash Game

Fast Track
Race against computer opponents on a wide range of tracks. Earn money by winning races to upgrade your car.

Heat Rush Flash Game

Heat Rush
A great Flash racing game which looks a bit like the original Cruizin' USA arcade game.

Roll Ball Flash Game

Roll Ball
Nice 3D labyrinth type game where the player must roll the ball through an obstacle course while not falling off the edge.

Hover Cart Racing Multiplayer Flash Game

Hover Cart Racing

Race around a track collecting weapons while competing against players from around the world. Flash multiplayer game.

Sonic Boom Town 2 Flash Game

Sonic Boom Town 2

Follow the map to the buildings marked with a green colour and destroy them with your car stereo.

Mad Monday Free Online Flash Game

Mad Monday

Point of the game is to destroy or knock off as many cars from the road while scoring points.

Offroaders 2 Free Driving Game

Offroaders 2
Keep up with the computer controlled off road trucks by purchasing new vehicles and upgrades. Collect stars.

American Racing Free Driving Game

American Racing
Build up the boost meter by drafting behind other cars. Compete in an entire season of stock car racing challenges.

Road of Fury Free Driving Game

Road of Fury
Safely transport a convoy of three weaponized vehicles across the desert landscape. Mad Max driving game.

FMX Team Dirtbike Racing Free Online Flash Game

FMX Team Dirtbiking

Pick from three pro-riders and make your way through the course while going over jumps and doing tricks to earn points.

Super Bikes Track Motorcycle Racing Game

Super Bikes Track Stars
Race against 20 other super bikes in this 3D motorcycle racing game. Earn cash to buy upgrades. Includes 8 tracks.

Super Drift 3D Free Driving Game

Super Drift 3D
Master advanced driving techniques to successfully drift around winding tracks. Arcade and time trial mode.

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