Arrow of Time

Play through each era of time as the last protector of the legendary Arrow of Time. Upgrade defenses between waves.


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Arrow of Time

Free Action Defense Games
Developer: Super Flash Bros.

Game Overview:
The Arrow of Time is a stylistic archer shooting game where you are the defender of the kingdom of Whistleknights. This kingdom exists in the air high above the clouds and they are the keepers of the legendary weapon known as the Arrow of Time. This weapon, capable of great power, must be guarded at all costs from other dominions who crave such a powerful weapon.

Over the years, there have been so many attempted attacks to secure the Arrow of Time, that only one Whistleknight remains. Play as Peep the prince to protect this mystical weapon. In order to complete the mission, it is required to mix and match different arrow types to maximize offensive and defensive capabilities.

Upgrade the bow and arrow by shooting at incoming enemy ships and forces and earning money. Play through different era's of time as you build up the arsenal. There are cool bosses at the end of each segment which are susceptible to specific types of arrows. The effects of the different arrow types available are unique and the number of different combinations are numerous.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to control the game.


Arrow of Time Control Diagram

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