Flash Sports Games

Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Ping Pong, Hacky Sack, and Track and Field.


New Sports Games

Android Soccer Flash Game

Android Soccer v.1.8
Soccer shootout game. Rack up as many points as you can by out-smarting the goaltender and hitting the targets

Shopping Cart Hero 3 Free Game

Shopping Cart Hero 3
Launch the stickman as far as possible. Gain points based on distance, height, style, and tricks.

Sports Heads Football Championship Free Game

Sports Heads Football CE
Compete in the world cup championships with your favorite football players in this sports game.

Baseball Smash Free Game

Baseball Smash
Use aiming and timing techniques to hit the baseball in the right direction to destroy as many objects as possible.

Snow Surfing Free Game

Snow Surfing Game
Ride your snowboard to the bottom of the slope without falling, and perform enough stunts for enough points.

New Star Soccer Free Game

New Star Soccer
Embark on an exciting football career. You can also play arcade mode to just play soccer, or practice.


Featured Sports Game

Quarterback Football 2016

Quarterback Football 2016 Free Game

Developer: Wolf Games
Game Overview: Five throws to hit interactive targets, balloons, and coins. Levels are designed as miniature puzzles to hit all targets. Most fun from a free football quarterback challenge game. Play


More Great Flash Sports Games

Quarterback Challenge 2009

Quarterback Challenge
Just in time for the Superbowl, we are proud to present Quarterback Challenge.

Sports Heads Football Free Game

Sports Heads Football
Score goals and win the match against football/soccer players in this sports game. Attempt different challenges.

Shopping Cart Hero 2 Flash Game

Shopping Cart Hero 2
Compete for the most points in one jump by customizing your shopping cart and performing mid-air tricks.

Learn To Fly Flash Game

Learn To Fly
Attempt to make a penguin fly by using a combination of rockets and hand gliders.

Crunch Ball 3000 Flash Game

Crunch Ball 3000

Compete for the Crunch Ball championship in this great team-based sports game.

Ragdoll Goalkeeper

Ragdoll Goalkeeper

Launch the ragdoll goalkeeper towards the spinning soccer ball as it approaches the net to make the save.

Hand Grenade Hacky Sack Free Online Flash Game

Hand Grenade Hacky Sack

Keep the hack in the air using your feet, legs, and head while performing tricks and combinations to score points.

Bumper Ball

Bumper Ball

A cross between bumper cars and air hockey, this two-player game is alot of fun against the computer or a friend.

3D Net Blazer

Nicely made 3-point basketball shooter. Take shots from various positions on the court in this fun basketball flash game.

Android Soccer Flash Game

Android Soccer v.1.8
Soccer shootout game. Rack up as many points as you can by out-smarting the goaltender and hitting the targets

3D Ping Pong Free Fun Flash Game

3D Ping Pong

A fun ping pong game with easy controls. The game gets progressively faster with each consecutive hit.

Air Hockey Cup Free Game

Air Hockey World Cup
Test your air hockey skills in this challenging competition game. Beat all the players in each country.

Ski Maniacs Flash Game

Ski Maniacs
Ski through each level with the time allotted while flying off hills and ramps, attempting to perform tricks and combo's.

Stick Figure Badminton Flash Game

Stick Figure Badminton
Fun, fast and the simple controls make it great to play against a friend..

Homerun Derby Flash Baseball Game

Home Run Derby
Compete for hi-scores in the traditional home run derby or points challenge.

Power Golf Flash Game

Power Golf

2D golf game with accurate physics and interesting power ups. Play 18 holes while avoiding sand, water traps.

Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping Cart Hero

Fly through the air in a suped-up shopping cart. Earn points to upgrade your cart with rocket engines, tricks, more.

Santa Bowl

Single player Christmas themed bowling game. High scores are recorded online.

100 Meter Dash Free Fun Flash Game

100 Meter Dash

Track And Field Challenge. Attempt to run as fast as you can in the 100m sprint olympic flash games.

Polevault Free Online Flash Game

Pole Vault

Track And Field Challenge. Attempt to vault over the high bar in this olympic style flash game.

110 Meter Hurdles Free Online Flash Game

110 Meter Hurdles

Track And Field Challenge. Attempt to run fast and time your jumps in the 110m hurdles olympic flash games.

Wolf Games Long Jump Free Flash Game Screenshot

Long Jump

Track And Field Challenge. Run fast and time your launch to compete in this olympic style long jump game.

Disc Golf Frizbee Golf Free Online Sports Flash Game

Disc Golf 2 - Frizbee Golf

Play through 18 holes while avoiding trees, rocks, and water hazards.

3D Tennis

Control your player by moving your mouse around the court. Hold down the mouse button to increase your shot power.

Gone To The Dogs Flash Game

Gone To The Dogs

Dog training and racing sports simulation game. Attempt to make the most money over a 20-week dog-racing course.

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