Treasure of Cutlass Reef

Sail into the wind to exchange barrages of cannon fire with enemy pirate vessels. Plunder destroyed ships for gold.


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Treasure of Cutlass Reef

Free Action Games
Developer: Game in a Bottle

Game Overview:
Exchange volleys of cannon fire at approaching pirate vessels. Use the WASD or arrow keys to steer the ship into the wind and line up for accurate shots. Press the spacebar, CTRL, or F key to shoot (hold key to shoot more cannons). Each ship displays a list of stats beside it which represent gold on board, number of cannons, health remaining, and number of pirates alive.

There are two ways to take over and plunder an enemy ship. The first involves hitting it with enough cannon fire until all of their pirates are dead. The second involves sailing close enough to the other vessel to board it and take out the remaining pirates. Boarding a vessel with pirates is more likely to result in a loss of pirates on your ship as well. Plundering a vessel provides gold which is used to upgrade your ship between rounds.

The game ends if your ship has no remaining pirates on board. The more pirates alive, the more cannons can be reloaded and utilized in battle. Aspects of the ships control can be improved in the upgrade menu including velocity and turning ability. There is a boss at the end of each level, so keeping enough pirates alive to defeat the larger ship is crucial for success.

Controls / How To Play:
AWSD or Arrow Keys = Steer Vessel
Spacebar, CTRL, or F key = Shoot Cannons (hold for more shots)


Treasure of Cutlass Reef Control Diagram

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