Offroaders 2

Keep up with the computer controlled offroad trucks by purchasing new vehicles and upgrades. Collect stars for boost.


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Offroaders 2

Free Driving Upgrade Games
Developer: Turbo Boing

Game Overview:
Offroaders 2 features ten well designed tracks that contain lots of different jumps and terrain. Some tracks may require multiple races to gain knowledge of the layout and turns. There are even multiple routes in some cases. The computer controlled trucks make challenging opponents and car upgrades necessary. The game is reminiscent of the classic RC Pro-Am and Super Off-Road racing for the Super Nintendo.

Press X or B to use the boost which slowly replenishes itself. Additionally, collect stars to build up the boost meter faster. Collect enough stars to reach the star target and gain a bonus score. Finishing the race in the top three (gold, silver, or bronze) positions significantly increases the prize money and unlocks the next track. The game allows the player to go back and race on previous tracks with a new vehicle to increase the ranking.

Controls / How To Play:
Earn achievements during the race. You are awarded prize money for finishing races. Hitting objects slows you down. Jump through flaming hoops to earn bonus score. Driving off road slows your car down. Purchase new cars. Each car has a unique set of attributes. Spend money to upgrade the car attributes.

Arrow Keys or WASD to control the vehicle
X or B = Use Nitro
R = Restart
Esc = Options


Offroaders 2 Control Diagram

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