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New Halloween Games

Still Alive Free Shooting Game

Still Alive
Still Alive is a well balanced shooting defense game. Starting with a 9mm pistol, defend the barracade.

Earn To Die Part 2 Free Driving Upgrade Game

Earn To Die Part 2
Customize your truck for purpose built and survival driven zombie smashing mayhem.

Zombie Motherland Free Shooting Game

Zombie Motherland
Zombies have invaded russia and your house to being overrun by these mindless brain eaters.

Gatuno in Halloween Free Game

Gatuno in Halloween
Collect and combine items to navigate your way through the witches quarters to be reunited with a furry friend.

Last Stand Union City Free Game

The Last Stand Union City
In the latest in The Last Stand Series fight off zombies in Union City and save your wife.

Zombotron Free Game

Help the bio-robot rid the planet Zombotron from zombies and monsters in this action platform shooting game.


Featured Halloween Game

Death Trap Mansion

Death Trap Mansion House Escape Platform Game Screenshot

Developer: Wolf Games
Game Overview:
Attempt to safely navigate your way out of the death trap mansion. Many obstacles await, so watch your step. Play Game


Top 50 Online Halloween Games

Stark Raving Ted Flash Game

Stark Raving Ted
Aliens have attacked the Earth and are turning humans into zombies. Help Ted kill the aliens and zombies to collect cash.

Rebuild 2 Free Game

Rebuild 2
Lead a group of survivors and rebuild a city in the zombie apocalypse in this turn based strategy game.

Body Ladder Game

Body Ladder

Kill flesh hungry mindless clone zombies with your psy powers or weapons in this scary halloween action game.

Monster Arena Free Game

Monster Arena
Train your monster to win fighting championships and become the Grand Mater of monster training.

Insectionator Zombie Flash Game

Insectionator Zombie Mode
Kill zombies from above with darts, guns, a big stomping boot and more to achieve points and more weapons.

Doom Triple Pack Flash Game

Doom Triple Pack

This should bring back some good memories from the original Doom, Hexen, and Heretic games.

Dont Look Back Platform Adventure Game

Dont Look Back

Many challenging parts to this game combining elements such as precise jumping and running with a little bit of shooting.

Pixel Knight 2 Flash Game

Pixel Knight 2
Navigate your way through over 15 pixilated levels using medieval style weapons such as knives, arrows, and more.

Underworld Trip Flash Game

Underworld Trip

Jump across precarious platforms while avoiding enemies, flying swords, and endless fireballs.



Khronos is a violent sidescroller which requires the player to hack and slash their enemies using combination attacks.

A Crow In Hell

A Crow In Hell

Shot by a farmer off a perch down into a deep well. Are you alive or dead? Can you find your way out of this well?

Stinger Mission Flash Game

Stinger Mission

Awesome side-scrolling shooter with detailed character graphics and textured backgrounds.

Neverending Light Adventure Game

Neverending Light
A tour into the depths of the earth goes horribly wrong when unexpected creatures arise from the darkness.

Rebuild Flash Game

The zombie apocalypse is upon us and you are in charge of organising the few remaining survivors.

Days 2 Die Flash Game

Days 2 Die
There has been an outbreak of zombies where you live and you must protect yourself against them. Buy weapons...

Zombie Exploder Flash Game

Zombie Exploder
Attack the enemies to defend yourself and send zombie limbs flying. Each level represents a different floor in a building.

Brainz Flash Game

Run around and shoot zombies in this shooter game. Earn money by killing zombies and buy a large variety of weapons.



Mortanoid is a great Arkanoid remake with smooth gameplay and a different, darker theme.

Road of the Dead Flash Game

Road of the Dead
Drive the highway through the desolated city while avoiding obstacles and running over the walking dead.

Fancypants Free Platform Game Screenshot

Fancy Pants

The adventures of Fancy Pants Man. Fast side-scroller action with nice animation and solid gameplay.

Submachine 1 Adventure Game

Submachine 1

First game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine 3 Adventure Game

Submachine 3

Third game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine Zero

Submachine Zero

This classic episode in the submachine series focuses on an ancient adventure deep underground.

Undead Highway Flash Game

Undead Highway
Shoot the zombies with various weapons, find the car keys to exit each level, and drive until you are out of gas.

Zombies Ate My Phone Flash Game

Zombies Ate My Phone
It's the zombie apocalypse but your phone won't stop ringing. Decide which friends you want to save.

Above Hell Flash Game

Above Hell
Reach the exit by filling the room with the blood of your enemies to float higher on your raft.

Pothead Zombies Flash Game

Pothead Zombies
Choose your weapon and furry animal to protect your barracks from hordes of pot-hungry undead hippies.

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer Flash Game

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer

Take on the role of a shotgun toting maverick in an attempt to kill the approaching zombies before they reach you.

Pirates Of The Undead Sea Flash Game

Pirates Of The Undead Sea
Its been 15 years since your ship wrecked, and its time to do something with your undead self.

Monster Evolution Free Game

Monster Evolution
In this platform game you are a monster feeding on people, the more people you eat, the faster you can evolve.

Albert The Alien Flash Game

Albert The Alien
Help Albert the alien escape Area 51 and mean scientists by solving puzzles one room at a time.

The Last Stand 3 Free Online Flash Game

The Last Stand 2

Progress through multiple levels consisting of different towns and waves of brain eating zombies.

Halloween Pumpkins Game

Halloween Pumpkins

There are a variety of different colored pumpkins, line up three or more and make them disappear.

Aggressive Attack Game

Aggressive Attack
Aggressively attack vampires and other scary enemies in this action shooting halloween game.

Haunt The House Game

Haunt The House

Restore the haunted house to its once peaceful state by scaring as many people out as possible.

A Crow In Hell 2

A Crow In Hell 2

Once again the crow is stuck in hell and must get out. Avoid traps and winding tunnels.

Crow In Hell Flash Game

Crow In Hell 3
Third installment of the Crow In Hell series. Navigate the crow through the tunnel by avoiding walls and other obstacles.

Dead Frontier Night One

Part one in a three part series of zombie killing mayhem.

Dead Frontier Night Two

Part two in a three part series of zombie killing mayhem.

13 Days In Hell Zombie Shooting Game

13 Days In Hell

Blast through waves of oncoming zombies in a fight for survival.

The Fog Fall Adventure Flash Game

The Fog Fall
Piece together the solution for getting outside safely by finding and using various objects within the bunker.

The Fog Fall 2 Adventure Flash Game

The Fog Fall 2
After making your way out of the fallout bunker you find that the outside world has changed in strange ways.

Monster Island Flash Game

Monster Island
Use mini balls to kill monsters by exploding them, knocking them off cliffs, or running them over with boulders.

Balloon Wasteland Flash Game

Balloon In A Wasteland
Repair your hot-air balloon while defending against the creatures of the night. Try to stay alive in a barren land.

Rotting Onslaught Flash Game

Rotting Onslaught
Control an elite fighting force of six gunmen through different scenarios. Shoot and kill all the undead in sight.

Haunted House

Haunted House

You have been hired to rid a haunted house of as many zombies, skeletons and vampires as you can.

Ghostscape Flash Game

3D graphical adventure released for halloween. You must escape this ghost house while collecting evidence.

Fancypants Adventure 2 Platform Game Screenshot

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fantastic side-scroller improves upon the first game with new moves, animations, enemies, and colorful animated

Submachine 2 Adventure Game

Submachine 2

Second game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine 4 Adventure Game

Submachine 4

Fourth game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine 6 Flash Game

Submachine 6
Explore a maze of steel hatches in a cliff-side bunker. The puzzles can be challenging at times.

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