Flash Trek: Broken Mirror

Explore the Star Trek universe to interact and trade, influence stellar politics, build space stations and fleets of ships.


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Flash Trek: Broken Mirror

Free Action Strategy Games
Developer: Vexxiang

Game Overview:
Enter the star trek universe as one of several races involved in the ongoing struggle for intergalactic peace. Flash Trek is a fully featured simulation game where the player starts in their home solar system and can define their own destiny as a successful goods trader, diplomatic guru, or relentless space pirate on the run from oppressive imperial regimes.

The game offers many options for interacting with other starships and their base planets including pursuing peace or engaging in battle. Depending on the race chosen at the start of the game, your allies and enemies are well established. As the game progresses, your actions will determine how other races treat you, as a friend or foe, based on a number of variables.

The easiest way to learn how to play the game is to read the instructions included on the menu screen. Much of the game is focused on conducting trade missions to build up your profit and reputation in order to buy new starships and explore more of the galaxy. The player has the ability to micro-manage many of the ships weapons and systems.

Flash Trek includes all of the gameplay elements one would expect in a star trek themed game. This includes engaging in stellar battles, exploring unique space phenomenon, transporting to other ships and planets with away teams, and traveling at warp speed to other solar systems.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to interact with the game.
Arrow Keys = Fly Ship
Spacebar = Fire Primary Weapon
Z = Fire Weapon in Slot 2
X = Fire Weapon in Slot 3
H = Hail Target
C = Open Cargo Panel
P = Open Player Control Panel
T = Transport
A = Buy Antimatter
D = Buy Deuranium


Flash Trek Control Diagram


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