Something has crashed into the arctic research base where you are stationed. Explore the facility and try to keep warm.


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Developer: Psionic3D

Game Overview:
Icescape is a point and click adventure game based at an arctic research facility. Discover what crashed into the base and caused the power outage. The air is cold and getting colder so you must find food and clothing to keep warm.

There is a body temperature gauge which acts as a timer for each section. The game is over if this bar reaches zero. The game makes great use of a flashlight effect which enhances the atmosphere of the situation. There are a few secrets hidden around and the 3D rendered graphics are nice.

From the developer:
"You are stationed at a research base in the arctic circle and things have been going well for you. It's very boring at times but most of your work mates are good fun, well most of them...

There has been a bit of activity lately and they think there is something wrong with the equipment because the readings don't make sense.

Anyway, you retired to the basement sleeping quarters and hit the sack after a few beers and the next thing you hear is a screeching sound, an almighty crash, and a flash of light and you realize something must have hit the base, out here in the middle of nowhere!!

You cough and sputter and reach for your torch to try and find out what has happened. You shout 'Is there anybody there' but no-one answers."

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to control the game.

Move the mouse all around the screen. Click at random if necessary. Read all of the descriptions. Click objects to pick them up, activate them or move them, etc.

Press i to open the inventory, click an object to use it, click i to drop it back in the inventory. Hover over objects to get a description.


Icescape Control Diagram

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