Flash Platform Games

Side Scrolling Games, Platform Jumping Games, Free 2D Platform Shooters, and 16-Bit Style Flash Games.


New Platform Games

Rogue Soul 2 Free Platform Game

Rogue Soul 2
Side scrolling action at its best. Fast gameplay requires the player to be responsive in making many decisions.

Next Please Free Game

Next, Please!
Help creatures cooperate and make it to the surface in this platform puzzle game. Retrieve keys and other objects.

Super Pig Free Game

Super Pig
Reveal each level with the blood splatter of your failed attempts and save piggy's girlfriend.

Jump Goober Jump Free Game

Jump Goober Jump
Defeat all three worlds by jumping to the top of each level. Reunite with all the other goobers.

When I Was Young Free Game

When I Was Young
Turn back time to run faster and jump higher as you collect sand and sand glasses. Avoid enemies and spikes.

Range Man Free Game

Range Man
Jump through levels killing enemies and collecting coins in this retro arcade game.


Featured Platform Game

Plazma Burst 2

Plazma Burst 2 Flash Game

Developer: Eric Gurt
Plazma Burst 2 has improved weapons with upgrades and character customization, smarter enemies with better explosions. Play


More Great Flash Platform Games

Drake in Wonderland Competition Free Game

Drake in Wonderland
Breath fire and jump your way through the levels in this side scrolling platform upgrade game. Collect green crystals.

Dragon Quest Free Game

Dragon Quest
Make it through each level of the dragon's lair to rescue your horse in this puzzle adventure game.

The Paint Gunner Free Game

The Paint Gunner
Everyone in your factory is trapped in the party room, use your paint gun to save them.

Lava Climber Free Game

Lava Climber
Outrun the rising lava and save your love in Lava Climber. Climb higher and higher as the lava rises.

Splitman Free Game

Beat evert level in the alternate universe to thwart an evil villain's plan for world domination.

Snow Tale Free Game

Snow Tale
Make you way through each level freezing bad guys and collecting frozen treats and jewels.

This is the Only Level 3 Free Game

This is the Only Level 3
Follow the directions closely to reach the pipe. Beat each challenge as quickly as possible without dying.

Frog Dares Free Game

Frog Dares
Avoid danger while collecting coins and eating bugs. Enter a forest that is battling an unknown threat.

Run 2 3D Free Game

Run 2 3D
Run or skate thorough space as quickly as you can and collect the bonus in this running platform game.

Adobos Big Adventure Free Game

Adobos Big Adventure
Help Adobo cause death and destruction in the world of Nintendo in this fighting platform game.

NT Creature 2 Free Game

NT Creature 2
Defeat the King's army that attacked Atlantis in this upgrade tower defense platform game.

Captain Blox Free Game

Captain Blox Lost Coins
Avoid falling and being killed by bad guys while retrieving coins, keys, or anything necessary.

Ninja Cat Episode 1 Free Game

Ninja Cat Episode 1
Throw ninja stars and dodge them and defeat all the other cats, to eventually face Ninja Vader.

Armed with Wings 4 Flash Game

Armed With Wings 4
Slay Vandheer Lorde and free the world in this platform fighting game. Make it through each level and kill all minions.

Raze 2 Free Game

Raze 2
The aliens have returned to Earth and you must defeat them before turning into a zombie in this shooting game.

Dirk Valentine Free Game

Dirk Valentine
Use your chain cannon to kill enemies and their weapons and to create chain link paths to other platforms,

Above Hell Flash Game

Above Hell
Reach the exit by filling the room with the blood of your enemies to float higher on your raft.

Dragon Age Flash Game

Dragon Age
Save the land from the evil orcs and dark lords in this hack and slash medieval style platform game.

Cuboy Quest 2 Flash Game

Cuboy Quest 2
Help the gunslinger beat levels by jumping over obstacles and shooting red targets to open doors to the next level.

Death Trap Mansion House Escape Platform Game Screenshot

Death Trap Mansion
Attempt to safely navigate your way out of the death trap mansion. Many obstacles await, so watch your step.

Pixel Knight 2 Flash Game

Pixel Knight 2
Navigate your way through over 15 pixilated levels using medieval style weapons such as knives, arrows, and more.

N Game Platform Game Screenshot


You are a ninja. Your god-like speed, dexterity, jumping power, and reflexes are all the result of amasingly fast metabolism.

Dont Look Back Platform Adventure Game

Dont Look Back

Many challenging parts to this game combining elements such as precise jumping and running with a little bit of shooting.

Lint Flash Game


A graphically simplistic but fun platform game where the goal is to pass each screen without getting destroyed.

Underworld Trip Flash Game

Underworld Trip

Jump across precarious platforms while avoiding enemies, flying swords, and endless fireballs.

Monkey Metric

Monkey Metric

Lead the square monkey to the goal in each level by pushing objects onto switches to open doors, flipping switches...

Fancypants Free Platform Game Screenshot


The adventures of Fancy Pants Man. Fast side-scroller action with nice animation and solid gameplay.

Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63

Explore the world of Mario and complete tasks while collecting shine sprites and star coins.

Infinite Chamber Platform Game

Infinite Chamber

Make your way safely back and forth across the bridge while avoiding pitfalls and obstacles.

Time For Cat

Time For Cat

This cat has a special ability to speed up or slow down time depending on how fast you run.

Andrew The Droid

Andrew The Droid

Pass each of the 25 levels by leading the yellow robot to the exit.

The Flood Runner 2 Flash Game

The Flood Runner 2
Attempt to outrun the approaching tidal wave by jumping and sailing across platforms collecting bonuses.

War Bears

War Bears

Point and click platform adventure where you lead a team of war bears into a bank to stop a robbery in progress.

Frizzle Fraz 2 Free Game

Frizzle Fraz 2
As a Frizzle, your mode of transportation is bouncing. Bounce your way over spikes and slime to the end.

Arzea Free Game

You have been left for dead in a giant cave, collect spells and power-ups as you navigate this treacherous land.

Mr Bree Returning Home Free Game

Mr. Bree: Returning Home
A piggy named Mr. Bree has fallen on his head and can't remember anything, help him find pieces of his memory.

Adventure Story Free Game

Adventure Story
Explore and kill all enemies while collecting coins and bonuses. Collect all 100 coins and find 10 treasure chests.

William and Sly 2 Free Game

William and Sly 2
As a fox help your human friend William out by retrieving all of his journal pages.

IVE Free Game

Help a secret agent escape the Magnaterra research centre. The first phase of her mission was a success.

Square Hero Origins Free Game

Square Hero Origins
Read the briefing at the beginning of the mission to learn objectives.

Dibbles 2 Winter Woes Free Game

Dibbles 2 Winter Woes
You will have directional, building, and special stones to place in the game, use Dribbles to complete the level.

Continuity Flash Game

You must arrange and rearrange the slides so that the character can retrieve the key and get to the red door.

City Siege 3 Free Game

City Siege Jungle Siege
Build units, defeat all the baddies, and save civilians in this upgrade platform shooting game.

Random Heroes Free Game

Random Heroes
Emo kids tipped over a tombstone and opened a porthole to another world. Defeat the evil creatures.

Fat Free Game

Complete all seven parts of 'Fat' as a round little character in this platform arcade game.

Discount Mayo Free Game

Discount Mayonnaise
You can customize your character by upgrading your weapon and outfit to optimize your performance.

Monster Evolution Free Game

Monster Evolution
In this platform game you are a monster feeding on people, the more people you eat, the faster you can evolve.

Bimmin 2 Flash Game

Bimmin 2
Jump, slide, bash, and climb your way through the jungle with Bimmin and his new Tarzan friend.

Imbossible Flash Game

A fun platform jumping game with many twists and turns incorporated with short and challenging levels.

Armed With Wings 3 Flash Game

Armed with Wings 3
Battle your way through hoards of enemies in this scrolling underworld adventure.

Raze Flash Game

Raze is a fun platform shooter with challenging computer opponents, and fast arena-based gameplay.

Plasma Burst Flash Game

Plasma Burst
Travel back in time and save humanity from future extinction in this side-scrolling shooter.

Level Editor Flash Game

Level Editor
Move your guy over the platforms to get to the exit door in a certain time. Sounds easy enough... think again!

Heli Attack Platform Game Screenshot

Heli Attack 3

The amount of different weapons and power-ups, graphics and animation are unequaled...

Canabalt Flash Game


Simple one-button game which resembles a sort of free-running or 'parkour' style platform game.

Vox Populi Vox Dei Flash Game

Vox Populi Vox Dei

Well thought-out challenges and the pixalated style is complimented with cool graphic blood effects and animations.

Thing Thing 4 Platform Game Screenshot

Thing Thing 4

Great high quality side scroller with plenty of action. Nice intro animation, graphics and sound.

Thing Thing Arena 3

Thing Thing Arena 3

Enter one of many different arenas to kill as many enemies as possible and to do so with style.

Best Friends Forever 3 Flash Game

Best Friends Forever 3
An interesting and original game idea that requires the player to control and use three characters cooperativaly.

Fancypants Adventure 2 Platform Game Screenshot

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fantastic side-scroller improves upon the first game with new moves, animations, enemies, and colorful animated

Colour My Fate Flash Game

Colour My Fate

Collect different coloured christmas tree ornaments to open new areas in this surrealistic platform game.

Gateway 2 Free Platform Game Screenshot

Gateway 2

Everything in the game is controlled with your mouse. Play through the short in-game tutorial.

Madness Regent Free Platform Game Screenshot

Madness - Regent

Shoot through hordes of enemies and make your way to fight the crazy clown boss.

Platform Racing 2 Free Platform Game Screenshot

Platform Racing 2

Multiple servers and many race circuits creates lots of variety for thousands of players to compete in real time.

Ultimate Sonic Flash

Sonic Flash

Remake of the classic Sega game 'Sonic The Hedgehog'.

The Elevator

The Elevator

Keep the elevator running as efficiently by picking up passengers on various floors and taking them to their floor.

Mission To Jupiter

Mission To Jupiter

Jump your way to jupiter one rock at a time while collecting stars along the way to increase your score.

Plazma Burst 2 Flash Game

Plazma Burst 2
Improved weapons with upgrades and character customization, smarter enemies with better explosions.

Planet Platformer 2

Planet Platformer 2

Explore several different worlds collecting all of the stars to pass each level.

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