The Enchanted Cave 2

Explore a mysterious cave filled with monsters and treasure. Random cave system offers hours of fun.


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The Enchanted Cave 2

Free Adventure Games
Developer: Dustin Auxier

Game Overview:
There is a mysterious cave on the outskirts of town. Many adventurers and treasure hunters have tried bravely to explore and map its depths. The problem is that the cave is different every time you enter and it's filled with random monsters. However it is also filled with loot and treasure, which is why the townspeople are drawn to seek its catacombs.

The Enchanted Cave 2 is similar to the RPG adventure games of a 16 bit generation. It features many of the elements you would expect from an RPG such as interactive characters, hero based storyline, and upgradable leveling. Your character can be upgraded in a number of ways, including with various items, weapons, and artifacts. As well there are skill attributes which offer varying branches of upgrades.

Equipment can be enchanted by using a forge to combine different ingredients which have unique qualities. Some weapons and items can be used to manipulate the cave system itself, such as opening up walls to walk through. The goal of each run in the cave is to collect as much treasure as you can and then find the magic escape wings to return back to town.

Controls / How To Play:
Arrow keys = Walk / Battle
OR use the mouse to control the game.


The Enchanted Cave 2 Control Diagram


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