Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn Fever

Begin an adventure with Murk in this upgraded first installment of Murloc RPG. Help friends gain items, open the portal.


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Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn Fever

Free RPG Adventure Games
Developer: Gamer Disclaimer

Game Overview:
This is the classic Murloc RPG with the updated Stranglethorn Fever expansion pack. Enter camp Brakil to start your mission and build the basic character stats that will be needed for the challenges throughout the game. Upgrade the character with bought or found items that consist of a wide range of weapons and armor.

The game is packed with colorful 3D rendered characters and graphics which are nicely animated and presented. Level up to obtain talent points which unlock skills and magic spells for your character. The start of the game basically has Murk completing duties for the other villagers and helping protect the town from dangerous creatures.

When the Chief is attacked by an unknown assailant, his daughter is also kidnapped and you must find and rescue her. This is when Murk starts using the teleportation portal to travel into the second installment of the game. Your health and energy will rejuvenate itself between battles.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to control the game
WASD or Arrow Keys = Move Character
Hold CTRL = Run


Murloc RPG Control Diagram

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