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New Adventure Games

Flashs Bounty Free RPG Game

Flash's Bounty
Journey across the land. Build your army by hiring classes of soldiers, archers, mercenaries, mages, and warriors.

The Awakening Free RPG Game

The Awakening
Traverse diverse areas of land and geography including cities, towns with inns, shops, and interactive inhabitants.

Disk and World RPG Free Game

Disk & World RPG
Search for treasure chests as you take on enemies in rock paper scissor competitions.

Memohuntress Free Game

Raise money to return to your home village by completing search quests in this fetch game.

Deadly Venom 2 Free Game

Deadly Venom 2
Take down an evil empire as a deadly assassin in this adventure game. Your main attack is a stealth attack.

Age of Shurikens Free Game

Age of Shurikens
You are a lone warrior fighting for vengeance in this RPG. Be a Skyborn, Executioner, Sage or Soul Hunter.


Featured Adventure Game

Miasma Story

Miasma Story Free Game

Developer: Switch and Evil Dog
Take revenge for the death of your friend Captain Beef in Miasma Story. Roam a scary castle and defeat your enemies. Play


More Great Flash Adventure Games

Cursed Dungeon Free Game

Cursed Dungeon
Lift the curse placed on you by fighting monsters, zombies, skeletons and other horrors in this adventure RPG.

Lethal RPG 2 Free Game

Lethal RPG Destiny 2
A very long time ago Lethal was left for dead by the king and kingdom he fought to protect from the undead.

Albert The Alien Flash Game

Albert The Alien
Help Albert the alien escape Area 51 and mean scientists by solving puzzles one room at a time.

Hippolyta Flash Game

Interactive story adventure game that is made to test your reflexes. Take on the role of an Amazon warrior...

The Fog Fall Adventure Flash Game

The Fog Fall
Piece together the solution for getting outside safely by finding and using various objects within the bunker.

Samorost Adventure Game


Although simplistic in its gameplay, its surreal graphics and memorable score make the game stand out.

Hetherdale Flash Game


Take on the role of a scientist in search of the mythical city of Hetherdale hidden deep within the jungles of Africa.

Stoneage Sam 2

Stoneage Sam 2

Guide Sam on his quest to survive in the harsh stoneage environment by solving puzzles and completing tasks.

Peasant Quest Game Free Online Flash Game

Peasant Quest

Old-school adventure game that is sure to bring back lots of memories from the early computer game era.

Submachine 1 Adventure Game

Submachine 1

First game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine 3 Adventure Game

Submachine 3

Third game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine Zero

Submachine Zero

This classic episode in the submachine series focuses on an ancient adventure deep underground.

Nevermore Adventure Game

Nevermore 3

Interesting and nicely animated platform adventure game. Run, jump and interact with the environment

Legend of the Void Free Game

Legend of the Void
The sky is ablaze and the dead have risen, Gazzen is now escaping, you must go after him.

Visitor Returns Free Game

The Visitor Returns
Guide the alien death slug through new scenarios with multiple outcomes in this point and click adventure game.

Murloc RPG 2 Part 1 Free Game

Murloc RPG 2 Part 1
Embark on a new adventure as a Barbarian, Shaman, or a Scout in this RPG sequel.

Pirates Of The Undead Sea Flash Game

Pirates Of The Undead Sea
Its been 15 years since your ship wrecked, and its time to do something with your undead self.

Submachine 6 Flash Game

Submachine 6
Explore a maze of steel hatches in a cliff-side bunker. The puzzles can be challenging at times.

Majesty Of Colors

Majesty Of Colors
Strange and original story based game where you take on the role of a mysterious sea creature.

The Fog Fall 2 Adventure Flash Game

The Fog Fall 2
After making your way out of the fallout bunker you find that the outside world has changed in strange ways.

Samorost 2 Adventure Game

Samorost 2

Games that cross cultural boundries deserve further recognition.

CDX The Game

CDX The Game

Production quality and attention to detail rarely seen in a flash game.

Quest For The Rest Flash Adventure Game Screenshot

Quest For The Rest

Graphical adventure. Help the lost members reunite with the rest of their group by guiding them through three different...

Submachine 2 Adventure Game

Submachine 2

Second game in the popular Submachine series.

Submachine 4 Adventure Game

Submachine 4

Fourth game in the popular Submachine series.

Bowja 3 Ninja Kami Point and Click Adventure

Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami

Reclaim the Omamori and return it to the caves of Kami point and click adventure.

Neverending Light Adventure Game

Neverending Light
A tour into the depths of the earth goes horribly wrong when unexpected creatures arise from the darkness.

Chimera Stones RPG Game

Chimera Stones

RPG adventure game. A lone fighter on a quest to discover the secret behind an ancient artifact.

Ghostscape Flash Game

3D graphical adventure released for halloween. You must escape this ghost house while collecting evidence.

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