Disk & World RPG

Search for treasure chests as you take on enemies in rock paper scissor matches.


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Disk & World RPG

Free Adventure Games
Developer: mif 2000

Beat enemies to access treasure chests and level up in Disk & World RPG. Play as a wizard, barbarian, or tourist and collect medkits for RPS show downs. Every time you level up you gain another heart for battles. Use medkits to add hearts during battles, and remember to back out of battles if your health starts to get too low. If you use a med kit to gain and extra heart, your selection for the next RPS is limited to one choice. The enemies you face will also have more hearts depending on their level. Your hearts will be restored after every battle, but your med kits won't. Defeat all your enemies or withdraw before you die, if you die you must start all over.

Controls / How To Play:
Select rock, paper or scissor when in battle, rock beat scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. If there is a draw, the next defeat is double or triple damage.

Control game with mouse.


Disk World RPG Control Diagram

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