Murloc RPG 2 Part 1

Embark on a new adventure as a Barbarian, Shaman, or a Scout in this RPG sequel.


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Murloc RPG 2 Part 1

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Developer: Masked Villian

Play the latest Murloc RPG game, Murloc RPG 2 Part 1, and embark on a new adventure as a Barbarian, Shaman, or Scout to avenge Brakil's death and rescue his daughter. Make it to Camp Gizbo (episode 1) to commence your epic journey. Fight beasts to collect copper, weapons, potions and other items. Use copper to buy food and potions that will increase your health. You can also spend copper on learning new spells and abilities. Level up as you gain experience, this will allow you to use more of the items you collect along the way.

When arriving at the camp you will be given missions you have to perform to help the camp, you will gain experience points, equipment, and other items that are useful to you. Click on allies to talk to them, and confront beasts to battle. In Battle, your level and the level of the beast is indicated, as well as health levels, and the rage (barbarian), mana (shaman), or energy (scout) level. These help you perform more elaborate attacks. Gain as much experience as possible and prepare yourself for the next episode in the journey.

Controls / How To Play:
Use arrow keys to move, mouse to interact with game.


Murloc RPG 2 Part 1 Control Diagram

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