Road of the Dead

Drive the highway through the desolated city while avoiding obstacles and running over the walking dead.


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Road of the Dead

Flash Driving Games
Developer: Evil-Dog and SickDeathFiend

Game Overview:
WARNING: 24Mb this game may take a while to load.

Road of the Dead is a fun driving game which involves steering around cars, pedestrians, fences, road blocks, military vehicles, and more. The first-person view from within the car makes running over things a messy business (wiper press R), and a cracked windshield can make things difficult to see (so you may need to punch it out press F).

By watching the story line unfold, the player is informed about an impending zombie take-over. While driving you may see many such walking dead on the streets. Depending on the game mode (see below) chosen, certain rewards are provided for the death of these zombies.

Dying in the game is not exactly a total loss since the distance you travel gets accumulated into points which can be used to upgrade your car. Several upgrades can be made which include mechanical attributes such as steering and power, and also perception which allows the player to see upcoming obstructions on the road sooner.

The game features a cool intro animation, with convincing voice acting and detailed comic-book style artwork. Progress is automatically saved after each attempt.

Four game modes:
1) The Great Escape: Speed through the zombie apocolypse and escape the city.
2) Highway to Hell: The Great Escape on hard difficulty.
3) Dead on Time: Get as far as you can by killing zombies to earn extra time.
4) Police State: Get as far as you can while facing military resistance.


Road of the Dead Control Diagram

Controls / How To Play:
(Can be customized in options menu)
A = Steer Left
D = Steer Right
W = Accellerate
S = Brake
Space = Hand Brake
E = Horn
R = Wiper
F = Attack
Q = Toggle Quality
P = Perception (helps spot upcoming obstacles)

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