Ragdoll Zombie Slayer

Take on the role of a shotgun toting maverick and kill the approaching zombies before they eat your brain.


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Ragdoll Zombie Slayer

Genre: Flash Shooting Games

Game Overview:
Zombie games have become so popular lately that there could be an entire genre devoted to them, but unfortunately most of them concentrate too much on the blood and gore and are not very fun to play. Ragdoll Zombie Slayer combines the best of both worlds by offering a great deal of zombie shooting mayhem while keeping the gameplay simple and addictive.

Take on the role of a shotgun toting maverick in an attempt to kill the approaching zombies before they reach you and eat your brain. Watch out for the flying zombies as they can sometimes jump at you when reloading and catch you offguard. Other items can also be shot out of the air including healthpacks.

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer has nicely drawn character graphics and utilizes a ragdoll physics system to accurately reproduce flailing zombie limbs and flying body parts. Your remaining ammo (before you have to reload) and health are shown in the upper part of the screen. The levels are divided into waves of zombies which get progressively harder making this a tough survival situation.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to aim and shoot.


Ragdoll Zombie Slayer Flash Game Control Diagram

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