Monster Arena

Train your monster to win fighting championships and become the Grand Mater of monster training.


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Monster Arena

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Developer: Little Giant World

Game Overview:
Select a monster and begin training at the Academy of Monster Arena. You are training your monster to eventually compete at the Grand Master Cup Competition, where you have the chance to become the Grand Master of monster training. Each monster you can select has different strengths and weaknesses. The game keeps tracks of how many weeks and months you've been training, and has a cup schedule where you can select different championships to fight in. During training your monster is rated on their power, defense abilities, agility, and intelligence. These stats increase every time your monster levels up. Your monster also sometimes finds items in their training year that increase their stats.

Once you have trained enough you can battle to gain experience and level up. You also earn money by winning battles and championships so that you can buy battle and training items. Both of the monster's stats are shown before the fight, you can use these to gage what attacks will be most effective against your particular opponent. During battle you select various fighting tactics, the more training you have done, the more effective these will be. Your monster will try to dodge attacks automatically. The battle is over when one of the monsters runs out of health, which is indicated at the top of the screen. There is a meter that counts the amount of time between actions, the more time your monster rests the more tactics available to you. Train your monster well enough, and you could be the Grand Master of monster training.

Controls / How To Play:
Control the game with your mouse.


Monster Arena Control Diagram

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