New Star Soccer

Embark on an exciting football career in this RPG soccer game.


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New Star Soccer

Sports Games
Developer: Simon Read

Score goals as you build your career in New Star Soccer. You can also play arcade mode to just play soccer, or practice. To kick the ball, click on it and drag the arrow for the direction and force you want. Let go and the screen will show the ball, sometimes moving, sometimes still, click on it to kick it. When you are in a match, a tally of the events will be listed, when your player is in play you will get the opportunity to pass, intercept, or score.

Start by impressing the talent scouts in trails. Pass 'technique', 'power', 'pace', and 'vision' trials to secure a contract. Complete many levels of all the trials to become a better player. The higher the 'star rating' you have, the bigger the club you can play for, and the better the contract you will get. Increase your 'star rating' by playing well in matches. Your energy will go towards increasing your skills, make sure you have enough for each match. Earn 'star bux' to buy energy drinks (to increase energy), boosts, shop items, and lifestyle expenses.

With the navigation bar, switch to different screens and progress to the next match. Here you can access league information, your skills, and your life. Select 'life' to view your relationship with your Boss, the team, your fans, your girlfriend, and your sponsors. You need a good relationship with your boss to play, click beside the boss to do things to improve your relationship. Keep an eye on your boots because they will wear out, and you can buy new ones to boost your skills. Once you have a good relationship with 'the Boss' and and increased 'star rating' ask for a new contract by clicking the 'renew contract' button. Attract sponsors to earn money for endorsements.

Controls / How To Play:
Control game with mouse.


New Star Soccer Control Diagram

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