Trick Shot Billiards

Play through 30 built-in levels or create and share custom levels in this free billiards game.


Click here to play: www.trickshotpool.com/game

Trick Shot Billiards has it's own website with detailed instructions, more levels, and allows players from around the world to share custom levels and instant replays.

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Trick Shot Billiards - www.trickshotpool.com

Flash Tabletop Games
Developer: Wolf Games

Game Overview:
Trick Shot Billiards includes 30 built-in levels plus an easy to use level editor which allows players from around the world to create and share custom levels.

All levels are exported as plain text which can be saved in a text file or sent to a friend via email, instant message, or shared online at: www.trickshotpool.com/sharelevels.php

Custom levels and instant replays can be shared this way. At any time while playing the built-in levels, click on the 'LEVELS' button to choose a different level or to see a HINT for the current level.

Controls / How To Play:
1. Move the mouse around to line up the shot.
2. Hold the mouse button and bring the cue back to set power.
3. Release the mouse button to shoot.

Complete instructions can be found at:


Trick Shot Billiards Control Diagram

Trick Shot Billiards

Trick Shot Billiards Flash Game


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