Fairway Solitaire

Unique game play combines solitaire with golf in this card game.


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Fairway Solitaire

Tabletop Games
Developer: Big Fish Studios

Solitaire becomes a puzzle in a golf-solitaire hybrid. Play sequential cards to create long runs to make long drives for better scores. You will encounter obstacles like in golf, making the strategy for each hand different.

Click on cards one higher or one lower than the currents card, when you can't play any card click on the card pile for a new card. Aces and Kings can be player on one another. You will find cards with irons on them, you get this iron of the given number to play when you need it. Use the mulligan card to undo a play once per round. The par number, card number, your score, and which hole it is is indicated at the top left of the screen. You will receive wild shot cards, you can choose to lose a card, or select a wild card to play. Wild cards can be good or bad. Beat the minimum score to unlock the next course. Beat all 9 courses in this version.

Controls / How To Play:
Control game with mouse.


Fairway Solitaire Control Diagram

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