Combat Tournament Legends

Fight other stickmen and stay alive to make enough kills in this stickman fighting game.


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Combat Tournament Legends

Fighting Games
Developer: Ongokiller50 [Dennes Tejada]

Train to become a skilled stickman fighter and defeat other stickmen in Combat Tournament Legends Games. Play story mode, or vs mode where up can play against a friend. Select difficulty level and choose a stickman, each have different weapons and moves, and unlock more powerful stickmen as you progress. Choose a battle, you must beat the first three battles to unlock subsequent battles. Hold the cursor over the battles to get information on who and how many opponents you will be battling.

When you are battling, your health and special powers are indicated at the top left. Use your special move when your special bar has filled up completely. The amount of kills you have made and must make to win the battle are indicated at the bottom right of the screen.

Controls / How To Play:
Move with arrow keys, attack with 'A', 'S' is special attack, 'A' + side arrow keys will combine for a strong front attack, 'A' + up will make your stickman attack up, and 'A' + down will make him attack down. Combine all and any of these commands to do awesome combos.


Combat Tournament Legends Control Diagram

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