Upgrade Complete

Upgrade every part of the game itself including the menu, sound, background, as well as the weapons on your ship.


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Upgrade Complete

Genre: Flash Arcade Games
Developer: Antony Lavelle

Game Overview:
The point of Upgrade Complete is to upgrade every part of the game itself including the menu, sound, background, as well as the weapons on your ship. The game is essentially a space shooting game with an interesting ship upgrade system where you can buy, upgrade and place up to 12 guns anywhere you want within a certain area.

With the money earned by collecting coins that fall from destroyed enemy ships, the player can then buy features and elements of the game to upgrade the graphics, logo and more. Buy a progress bar to see how far along you are in completing the game. Upgrade Complete is a fun, addicting game that does not take long to finish but may leave you a bit confused.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to navigate the menus and buy upgrades.
Arrow Keys = Move Ship
Spacebar = Fire


Upgrade Complete Flash Game Control Diagram

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