Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition

This game takes a while to load, but is well worth the wait to play this excellent Street Fighter 2 Flash clone.


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Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition

Genre: Flash Fighting Games
Developer: Capcom

Game Overview:
Here is a rare treat for all those gamers who grew up in arcades pumping hundreds of quarters into this game. Capcom has released the complete Street Fighter 2 CE as a free Flash port to promote Street Fighter 4. This version contains all of the original characters, moves, music, and sounds exactly how they appeared in the arcade.

There are a few other Street Fighter Flash clones out there, most of which only contain a couple characters and poor gameplay. The keyboard controls in this version are responsive and feel much more like the original. The game does take a few minutes to load, but is well worth it for this excellent remake of one of the greatest arcade games of all time.

Controls / How To Play:
Arrow Keys = Move Fighter
S = Fast Punch
D = Medium Punch
F = Strong Punch
X = Fast Kick
C = Medium Kick
V = Strong Kick

Click on the question mark (?) Button in the upper right corner to see the special moves for each fighter.


Street Fighter 2 CE Control Diagram

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