Best Friends Forever 3

Pass each level by moving all three characters from the starting position to the exit door.


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Best Friends Forever 3

Flash Platform Games
Developer: Not Doppler

Game Overview:
Best Friends Forever 3 is an interesting and original game idea that requires the player to control and use three characters independently (by switching between them) to complete each level. BFF3 can best be described as a platform puzzle game with a wide range of levels and challenges.

Pass each level by moving all three characters from the starting position to the exit door. The three friends need to work together by using one another as a step (when crouching), a weight to push a switch, and utilizing other moveable objects in the level to succeed. Avoid the spikes at all costs.

Controls / How To Play:
Arrow Keys = Move
Spacebar = Switch Characters
C = Activate Levers
P = Pause
R = Restart
Q = Main Menu
M = Mute Sound


Best Friends Forever 3 Control Diagram

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