Gangster Squad: Tough Justice

Search crates and furniture to acquire powerful guns, grenades, and molotov cocktails to smash up the gangster HQ.


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Gangster Squad: Tough Justice

Free Action Games
Developer: Soup Interactive

Game Overview:
Choose one of three characters from the movie to run around while shooting and blowing up the criminal HQ. The game is divided into levels consisting of waves of enemies which must be eliminated within a certain time limit. The environment is vast with numerous rooms containing crates, cabinets, and furniture which can be searched for weapon upgrades.

There is a significant amount of destruction incorporated into the background graphical elements. Almost everything can be shot and blown up which result in flying pieces and fiery explosions. A big part of the game involves searching for weapons located inside boxes and furniture that show and magnifying glass icon.

A surprisingly wide range of guns can be acquired, however there does not appear to be a way to possess more than one weapon at a time. The character is equipped with the last gun found and defaults to the basic pistol once the ammo is depleted. It helps to only search for weapons when required to ration supplies and survive longer. The same applies to the health crates which should only be used when needed.

The blue bar in the lower right hand corner represents character experience and will level up when filled. When leveling up, the player can choose which attributes to update and include increasing health, speed, and weapon effectiveness. The initial values of these player stats are determined by the character selected at the start of the game.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
WASD Keys = Move Character
Spacebar = Throw Grenade, Explosive, or Molotov Cocktail


Gangster Squad Control Diagram

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