Barons Gate

Defeat the four baron bosses and their minions with your trusty bow and arrow in this RPG adventure platform game.


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Barons Gate

Free Platform Games
Developer: Dragosha Games

Barons Gate is an interesting platform adventure game where the character traverses the land with a trusty bow and arrow to defeat the four barons. The quest starts in the camp where you can buy items and equipment with the gold coins found along the way. Many treasures are hidden throughout the levels so it pays to explore behind barrels and crates. Some treasure boxes require a key to open which is usually located close by.

The gameplay is solid and the shooting is easily accomplished by clicking closer or farther away from the character to set the velocity of the arrows. Once different bows become available in the inventory, they can be switched by pressing the Q and E keys. To pick up items or access treasure chests, walk close to them and click on the item with the mouse. The character stats are located in the upper left corner, and your life will gradually heal itself over time. Use a health potion for quicker healing.

The graphics are some of the nicest of any free Flash game and the attention to detail such as shadows and glowing objects help create a mystical atmosphere more than suitable for an RPG adventure game. Checkpoints are indicated as a torch with the green flame. There are signs with pointed arrows to show which direction to progress in. Many of the enemies also use bows as their attack type, so quick reflexes to jump and avoid their arrows is beneficial to surviving the game.

Controls / How To Play:
Aim and shoot with the mouse
WASD or Arrow Keys = Move Character
E / Q = Change Weapon
R = Restart from last save point
P = Pause


Barons Gate Control Diagram

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