Pandemic 2

Evolve a disease and infect the world in this global strategy game.


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Pandemic 2

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Create a virus and develop it into a pandemic killer. First, select a virus, bacteria, or parasite. Earn experience points as your disease infects and kills people, and spreads across the world. Strategize as you develop your disease, the more visible it is, the slower it will spread. The more infectious it is, the faster it will spread. It costs money to sell more visible symptoms. Use the experience points to develop your disease by clicking on the disease button.

Scan the map to click on a region to check detailed information about that region. Scan the world by moving the square on the map on the top left of the screen. There are 21 regions, each has population, service and climate stats. They contain hospitals, airports, shipyards, and water plants. Learn how many people are infected and dead, and what the region has done to prevent the disease.

Click on the world button on the bottom of the screen to learn information on the progress of a vaccine. Countries will attempt to quarantine the disease, if they are successful and develop a vaccine, your disease will slow down and you will get less experience points to use.

Read the news stories that are running down the right side of the screen to learn how to evolve your disease relative to world climate issues. As your disease mutates you will gain more experience points. The game is over when everyone is dead, or when there are no more infected people.

Controls / How To Play:
Control the game with your mouse.


Pandemic 2 Control Diagram

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