Siege Master

Launch projectiles at various structures in order to eliminate all of the enemy targets contained within.


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Siege Master

Genre: Flash Catapult Shooting Games
Developer: Vidroid Studio

Game Overview:
Fans of Crush The Castle will be happy about the release of this game. The goal is to launch projectiles at various structures in order to eliminate all of the enemy targets contained within. Siege Master includes better hit detection on the soldiers which makes the angle and power of your shots more important creating additional strategy and improving gameplay.

Unlike Crush The Castle, the angle and power have fine-tuned indicators which allows levels to be included that require very specific shots to be made. Similar to it's predecessors, the destruction of the structures is accurate thanks to the Box2D physics engine, and the background artwork is top-notch. The map has also been greatly improved offering many other choices if you get stuck on a certain level.

Controls / How To Play:
Use the mouse to control the game. Set your angle and power using the on-screen indicators and click the mouse button to fire the projectile.


Siege Master Control Diagram

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