Dummy Never Fails

Launch a ragdoll dummy out of a cannon at a stationary or moving target, trying to inflict as little pain as possible.


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Dummy Never Fails

Ragdoll Physics Shooting Games
Developer: Tanoku

Game Overview:
Dummy Never Fails requires the player to launch a ragdoll dummy out of a cannon at a stationary or moving target (goal) attempting to inflict as little pain as possible. Pain points add up when the dummy hits walls or ground too hard. You can launch as many dummy's as you want in a level, but each dummy's pain will accumulate on your final score.

There are a wide array of unlockable skins for the ragdoll dummy which are awarded as achievements throughout the game. To apply a different skin, click 'Skins' in the main menu. In addition to 52 pre-made levels, Dummy Never Fails also includes a nifty level editor to create and share custom levels.

Levels can contain static walls and objects as well as moving walls and objects. Flashing blue arrows (thrusters) apply directional force to the dummy. The game uses the Box2D physics engine to provide funny and realistic ragdoll and collision effects.

Controls / How To Play:
1. Aim with the cursor and click to shoot. The distance from the cannon determines the shot power.

2. Pay attention the 'Pain Meter' at the top of the screen. The less pain the dummy receives, the less points you get. The goal is to get as little pain points per level as possible.

3. Impact the ragdoll dummy against the goal to pass the level.


Dummy Never Fails Control Diagram

Keyboard Shortcuts:
R = Retry
N = Next
S = Slow

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